Cooking Station Food and Drinks are items you can cook in Starfield but why do that? When you can use the command console and our list of cheat codes to spawn all cooking station items. There are a plethora of Food and Drinks you can spawn via cheat codes / Item IDs. They best used when you’re short on resources and don’t want to spend time gather required items. If you’re looking for Cheat Codes for Aid Items, we have them as well.


Starfield Cooking Station Food And Drinks ID’s List

Use the following cheat code to spawn cooking station food and drinks:

  • player.additem (ID Code) (Amount)
Food And DrinksIDs / Cheat Codes
Alien Broth0029B046
Alien Energy Drink0029B047
Alien Jerky002C7C0C
Alien Kebabs0029B061
Alien Liquor0029B04F
Alien Pie0029B063
Alien Sandwich0029B062
Alien Scramble0029B065
Alien Stew0029B066
Alien Stir Fry0029B064
Alien Tea0029B052
Alien Tonic0029B048
Barbacoa Wrap0029B054
Boba Alien Tea0029B050
Boom Pop! Black Licorice002C71F8
Boom Pop! Cherry0029A863
Boom Pop! Cola002C71F5
Boom Pop! Dynamite0029B040
Boom Pop! Orange002C71F5
Boom Pop! Reactor003038FE
Boom Pop! Rhubarb002C71F7
Boom Pop! Root Beer002C71F4
Bullet Coffee0029B04B
Chai Latte0029B03E
Chicken Marsala0029B05C
Chicken Tikka0029B05A
Colonel’s Choice0029B04E
Creature Jam0029B05E
Crispy Alien Nuggets0029B060
Dal Makhai0029B056
Disastrous Shipwreck0029B042
Distilled Water0029B053
Doro Wat0029B059
Fully-Loaded Bloody Mary0029B03F
Galaxy Lo Mein00122E94
Grilled Cheese Sandwich0029B05D
Ham and Cheese Sandwich002C722B
Lumberjack Julep0029B04D
Nebula Wat00122E96
Pappardelle Bolognese0029B057
Spaghetti Carbonara0029B058
Star Cluster Marsala00122E95
Stellar Kebabs00122E98
Sunray Tonic0029B04C
Very Heavy Water0029B041

That’s the entire list of cooking station food and drinks cheat codes. Have fun!


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