The Ghost Hunt quest is the second part of Eleos Retreat quest chain, and here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through it.


After the events of the previous quest, “Dead Stop,” where you discovered the missing construction worker, Kilman, in the Mineral Caves near Eleos Retreat, you’re left with more questions than answers. Who kidnapped Kilman and why? Sloane, the director of the Eleos Retreat, might have a lead.

Heading to the Abandoned Research Outpost

Sloane directs you to an abandoned research outpost located close to the Mineral Caves. As you venture inside, be prepared to face robotic adversaries. If you’ve been exploring Starfield, this outpost’s layout might seem familiar. It’s identical to other outposts you might have come across, even down to the location of the Skill Magazine, “Peak Performance.”

Navigating the Outpost

Your primary objective is to reach the bottom floor of the outpost:

  1. Entry Points: There are multiple ways to get there:
    • Directly through the front door upon entering.
    • Descending the stairs adjacent to the kitchen.
    • Jumping off the balcony in the kitchen.
  2. Turrets Alert: As you make your way, be cautious of the turrets positioned in various locations.
  3. The Door in the Corner: Once you’re on the bottom floor, head to the door situated in the corner. Inside, you’ll encounter two more turrets and a pair of robot combat dogs. Eliminate them.
  4. Server Room: Proceed through the door almost directly opposite where you entered, leading you to a server room with a staircase. Ascend the stairs, then take the first right in the corridor. This path will lead you to a long cubicle office. Deal with the robot and turret inside.
  5. Finding the Clue: At the far end of the office space, on the right, you’ll find the door you’ve been searching for. Inside, there’s a large Science Crate containing the “Corrupted Slate,” the vital clue you need.

Returning to Sloane

With the Corrupted Slate in hand, head back to the Eleos Retreat. Unfortunately, upon examination, you’ll find that the slate is corrupted and unreadable. Sloane, located in the Infirmary (behind the crystal in the main room, to the back and right), will assist further. Monika will decrypt the code, revealing that the attackers belong to the Trackers Alliance, a group of intergalactic bounty hunters. But the question remains: Why are they targeting the construction workers at The Eleos Retreat?

With the Ghost Hunt quest completed, you’re one step closer to uncovering the truth. The quest concludes with a reward of 7600 credits and sets the stage for the next quest, “Exorcism.”


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