Starfield players often find themselves at the crossroads where choices will shape the narrative. One such pivotal moment comes during the United Colonies faction questline, where players Admiral Vae Victis. After learning some harsh truths about the Admiral during A Legacy Forged quest, you have multiple choices on how to best deal with the reality of his betrayal.


Vae Victis orchestrated the Terramorph attack on New Atlantis. This disclosure thrusts players into a vortex of decision-making: should they expose Vae Victis’ deception to the United Colonies, or is lying the best choice?

Lie Or Tell The Truth

If you choose to reveal Vae Victis’s and Orlase’s involvement, justice will be served, as Vae Victis is apprehended, likely facing severe retribution. However, this moral high ground comes at a cost — you will lose access to the ‘Preventative Action’ quest, a narrative-rich side quest that further explores the game’s lore.

Conversely, keeping their secret initiates the ‘Preventative Action’ questline, positioning you as an ally to Vae Victis. This path is not only lucrative — rewarding you with 100,000 credits, enhanced standing with the United Colonies, and citizenship in New Atlantis — but it also immerses you deeper into the game’s complex moral and political landscape.

A Factor To Consider

The narrative takes a further twist with Reginald Orlase. If you pin the blame on Orlase, Vae Victis reveals a trove of information, including his true identity as Francois Sanon and his motivations for the attacks. He also unveils a conspiracy involving Heatleeches and Baby Terromorphs in Starfield. In this scenario, Vae Victis remains free, and you become his operative, tasked with eliminating targets from the United Colonies.

Should You Side With Vae Victic Or Not? What’s The Best Vae Victus Choice

After careful consideration of the ethical dilemmas and strategic consequences, the best choice is forming an alliance with Vae Victis. While this path may test the moral boundaries of some players, the allure of additional quests, financial incentives, and a richer narrative experience is hard to resist. Moreover, Vae Victis’ actions, though ethically murky, are driven by a twisted sense of protecting the colonies, adding a complex layer to the moral equation.

However, for those starfarers guided by the North Star of justice and transparency, turning Vae Victis in aligns with those values, even if it means sacrificing certain perks. Crucially, this choice doesn’t drastically alter the game’s overarching storyline, allowing players the liberty to follow a trajectory they like.