Imagine the stir it would cause if confidential information were suddenly at risk of exposure in New Atlantis. That’s the kind of thrilling scenario you’re stepping into with the Beautiful Secrets quest in Starfield. A crucial data slate with sensitive patient files has gone missing, and it’s up to you to retrieve it before the secrets spill out. Get ready for a captivating journey to safeguard secrets and navigate through unexpected challenges. Here’s your detailed guide to successfully completing Beautiful Secrets in Starfield.


Beautiful Secrets Walkthrough

Starting the Quest

  • Location: The quest begins in New Atlantis, specifically at the Enhance! shop.
  • Quest Giver: You’ll interact with Warner Connell, the owner of Enhance!. The conversation will reveal his dilemma — a misplaced data slate containing sensitive patient information.
  • The Mission: Warner entrusts you with a discreet task — to locate and retrieve the lost data slate to prevent any confidentiality breach.

Finding Warner’s Lost Data Slate

After your chat with Warner, make your way to the Whetstone Restaurant. Exit Enhance, take a right, and continue until you spot TerraBrew. Nearby, there’s a ramp leading directly to Whetstone.

Inside Whetstone, your target is the table farthest from the counter. That’s where you’ll discover the missing data slate, just lying there unguarded. Pick it up — you’re halfway through the mission.

Lost Data Slate location.

With the data slate secured, it’s time to return to Warner. Retrace your steps to Enhance!, where Warner is anxiously awaiting the slate’s return. Hand over the data slate to Warner. He’s immensely relieved and grateful, marking the successful conclusion of your quest.

Your sleuthing skills are rewarded with some valuable experience points and a handsome sum of credits. The exact amount can vary, but it’s undoubtedly worth the effort.