In Starfield, the “Back to the Grind” side quest takes players on a unique adventure with Ryujin Industries. Starting in New Atlantis and moving to the Neon in the Volii System, this quest is all about navigating the corporate world in space. From filling out a job application to handling unexpected challenges, players get a close look at what it’s like to work for Ryujin Industries. Let’s dive into this quest and see what it’s all about and how to complete it.


Starfield Back To The Grind Side Quest Walkthrough

Upon arriving at New Atlantis, players should head to the “Mast District.” Near the GalBank building, a red kiosk can be spotted. Interacting with this kiosk automatically triggers the quest. Players can also learn about the hiring process of Ryujin Industries, which can be another way to initiate the quest.

The kiosk provides various tabs, including an “About Us” section. However, the primary focus should be on the “Job Application.” While the answers might not significantly impact the outcome, players can fill out the application to proceed.

Ryujin Industries  kiosk location.

Travel To Neon

After submitting the application, players will receive mission updates directing them to the Ryujin Tower in the Volii System. Here, they are to meet Imogene Salzo. Players will need to navigate through space, potentially making multiple jumps, to reach their destination.


Upon landing in Neon, players should head towards the Ryujin Tower. Inside, they’ll be directed to the “Operations Floor” for their interview. The interview process is reminiscent of real-life job interviews, with questions about aspirations, expectations, and future plans. Players can choose answers that present them in the best light.

Bring Them Coffee

Post-interview, players are given their first task: fetching coffee from TerraBrew. However, this seemingly simple task takes a twist when Tomo, a former employee, confronts the player. Players have the choice to either defuse the situation peacefully or resort to violence. You can kill Tomo or Persuade him to stop, the choice is up to you because this interaction will have no impact on your job application.

After dealing with Tomo and obtaining the coffee, players return to the Ryujin Tower. They are introduced to four higher-ups within the company. Engaging in conversations with them provides insights into their roles and the dynamics of Ryujin Industries.

Back To The Grind Rewards

The quest concludes with a final interaction with Imogene Salzo, leading to the player’s promotion to “Junior Operative.” Successfully completing the quest rewards players with 5,800 Credits and 250XP, along with the CQB-X.