In the vast expanse of space, gravity—or the lack thereof—plays a pivotal role. In Starfield, Zero-G, or Zero Gravity, is an environmental trait that alters the player’s movement and combat dynamics. When in areas affected by Zero-G, both the player and enemies will experience floating movement, relying mainly on propulsion to navigate.


This floating movement can be both a boon and a challenge, as it offers a unique combat experience but can also be disorienting for some.

Ballistic Weapons in Zero-G

Using ballistic weapons in Zero-G areas comes with its own set of challenges. Firing these weapons will cause a slight knockback, potentially affecting your aim and positioning. As a workaround, players might consider using laser weapons, which don’t produce any knockback, ensuring steadier aim and positioning.

Zero-G Areas in Starfield

  1. Boarding Enemy Ships: One of the most common Zero-G environments is aboard enemy ships. Whether you’re boarding an enemy vessel or being boarded, these encounters often occur in a Zero Gravity setting. Hijacking ships is a prevalent activity, allowing players to acquire new ships or loot contraband.
  2. Staryards or Space Stations: As players traverse the vastness of space, they’ll occasionally come across staryards or space stations. While docking onto these facilities is common, it’s primarily the abandoned ones that are affected by Zero-G.
  3. Planetary Gravity: Each planet in Starfield has its unique gravity coefficient, which players can view using the scanner. Some planets feature low gravity, allowing for extended jumps and prolonged airtime. However, no planet is entirely Zero-G.

How to Get Zero-G Gimbal

Zero-G Gimbal is a rare resource essential for crafting and enhancing spacesuits and packs. Players can purchase this material from various vendors across Starfield:

  • Outland Shop: Run by Cornelius Townard in the Commercial District of New Atlantis (planet Jemison). This shop offers a variety of rare materials, including the Zero-G Gimbal, priced at approximately 93 Credits. Players with the Commerce skill can avail a 10% discount.
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters: Located on planet Volii Alpha in Neon. Players can speak to Deitrich Sieghart to purchase the Zero-G Gimbal.
  • UC Exchange: Situated in the Cydonia – Central Hub on planet Mars. Denis Averin is the contact person for purchasing the Zero-G Gimbal.
  • Apex Electronics: Located in The Well on New Atlantis (planet Jemison). Interact with Henrik Zuran to access the shop and buy the Zero-G Gimbal.

Using The Zero-G Gimbal

The Zero-G Gimbal is primarily used for enhancing packs. Players aiming to upgrade their boostpacks will need this rare resource. Spacesuit Workbenches scattered across the galaxy facilitate these upgrades. Some of the notable upgrades requiring the Zero-G Gimbal include:

  • Balance Boosterpack: Components include Monopropellant, Microsecond Regulator, Zero-G Gimbal, and Zero Wire.
  • Power Boosterpack: Comprises Beryllium, Tau Grade Rheostat, Monopropellant, and Zero-G Gimbal.
  • Skip Capacity Boosterpack: Requires Zero-G Gimbal, Monopropellant, and another Zero-G Gimbal.

And that’s it! All the details you need to prepare yourself for space and Zero G in Starfield.


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