United Colonies is one of the factions in Starfield and like every other faction they offer a ton of factions quests for you to complete. Each UC faction quest allows you to earn additional XP and credits. Some of the side quests offer special gear but mostly, these faction quests are designed to farm credits in Starfield. In this guide, we will give you a rundown on all faction quests offered by United Colonies in Starfield.


Starfield United Colonies Faction Quests List

  • Keeping The Peace
  • Supra Et Ultra
  • Grunt Work
  • Delivering Devils
  • Eyewitness
  • Friends Like These
  • The Devils You Know
  • War Relic
  • Hostile Intelligence
  • A Legacy Forged

Keeping The Peace

In the “Keeping the Peace” quest in Starfield, players collaborate with the United Colonies security force in New Atlantis. The quest is a part of the UC Vanguard Faction and takes place in New Atlantis, located in the Jemison area of the Alpha Centauri System. Successful completion of the quest rewards players with 4300 credits and 100 XP.

To unlock the quest, players need to engage in the “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” activity, which can be triggered by eavesdropping on NPCs discussing Sergeant Yumi inside the UC Vanguard HQ. Players then proceed to find and talk to Sergeant Yumi in the security office, initiating a comprehensive interview where the responses don’t significantly affect the quest’s progression.

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Supra Et Ultra

The “Supra Et Ultra” mission in Starfield serves as an entry point for players interested in joining the UC Vanguard Faction. The mission becomes accessible after players complete the initial main story mission and arrive in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.

The mission begins at the MAST Building in New Atlantis. Inside, players will encounter Commander John Tuala, who provides insights into the nature of Vanguard work and the perks of obtaining UC Citizenship, such as cash bonuses, discounts in UC Shops, and the possibility of owning a home in New Atlantis.

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Grunt Work

The “Grunt Work” side quest in Starfield immerses players into the challenges faced by the United Colonies Vanguard. As a new recruit, players are sent to Tau Ceti II, where a creature called the Terrormorph threatens the settlers’ peace.


To start the quest, players must converse with Chief Crew Kane Herath, who provides the necessary resources and mission details. Players then set course for Tau Ceti II. Once there, they must locate the landing zone and connect with the settlers. The next objective is the Tau Gourmet Production Center, where players meet Hadrian. She informs players about the Ferrothorn, a creature causing problems for the settlers. Players are tasked with reactivating the production plant’s non-functional security system.

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Delivering Devils

The “Delivering Devils” side quest in Starfield takes players on an adventure to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Terrormorphs. The quest unfolds in the underground city of Cydonia on Mars, where players interact with miners, face the Spacer Leader, and explore the Red Devil’s HQ.

To initiate the quest, players must inquire about Percival at the Trade Authority in Cydonia. If they face difficulties locating him, the miners at the Sixth Circle bar might have clues. However, gaining the miners’ trust is a challenge. Players then head to the Sixth Circle bar, located on level P2 of Cydonia. Inside, they meet a group of miners and Lou, the bartender, who becomes the primary source of information. To gain Lou’s trust, players must prove their affiliation with the UC Vanguard and answer Lou’s questions correctly.


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The “Eyewitness” side quest in Starfield is an intriguing mission that has players delving into the mysteries surrounding the Terrormorphs.

After completing the “Delivering Devils” quest, players can embark on the “Eyewitness” side quest. The quest begins at the Cabinet Chambers located within the MAST building. Upon arrival, players are greeted by Hadrian, who reveals a personal secret: he is a clone of an individual named Francois Sanon, also known as “Vae Victus.” Players can choose to delve deeper into Hadrian’s backstory or continue with the quest.

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Friends Like These

The “Friends Like These” side quest in Starfield revolves around the player’s mission to access classified archives concerning the Terrormorphs.

After completing the “Eyewitness” side quest, players can begin the “Friends Like These” quest. The first task is to speak with Deputy Macintyre, located within Interstellar Affairs. During the conversation, Macintyre explains the need to obtain archival codes from both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun to access the desired information.

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The Devils You Know

The Devils You Know” is a side quest in Starfield that delves into the mysteries surrounding Vae Victis and Dr. Reginald Orlasse.

Upon completing the “Friends Like These” side quest, players are directed to attend a pivotal meeting in Subsection Seven with Vae Victis, who might hold crucial information about the enigmatic Terrormorphs. To access Subsection Seven, players use the elevator system and select the corresponding floor. During the meeting, players engage in dialogue with Vae Victis to gather intelligence about the Terrormorphs and other relevant details.

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War Relic

The “War Relics” side quest in Starfield requires players to have completed “The Devils You Know” side quest. Upon completion, they are rewarded with 250XP and 9,300 Credits. The quest begins with players visiting the Red Devils HQ on Mars to speak with Hadrian. They inform her that they’ve located the research team but are still in search of Kaiser. Hadrian provides Kaiser’s schematics to help locate him on the planet Niira.

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Hostile Intelligence

The “Hostile Intelligence” side quest in Starfield is set in New Atlantis and delves into the game’s intricate narrative, where players face the Terrormorph threat. The quest requires players to have completed the “War Relics” side quest and offers a reward of 350XP and 12,000 Credits.

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A Legacy Forged

The “A Legacy Forged” side quest in Starfield revolves around the enigmatic character, Vae Victus, and the ongoing narrative concerning the Terrormorphs.

The quest is set on the planet Londinion, located in the Alpha Centauri system, with the primary location being Forward Base 441. This mission is affiliated with the United Colonies faction. To unlock “A Legacy Forged,” players must have completed the “Hostile Intelligence” side quest. The main quest giver for this mission is Hadrian.

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