Starfield players will occasionally encounter the SSNN Survey ship, a prominent news agency in the game. This ship offers players the chance to participate in an Intergalactic Survey, testing their knowledge of the Starfield universe. Answering these questions correctly can yield valuable rewards. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you ace the SSNN Quiz and Survey.


Where To Find the SSNN Survey Ship

While there’s no fixed location for the SSNN Survey Ship, encounters with it are believed to be randomized as players travel across various stars. Upon encountering the ship, players will be invited to participate in a quiz and survey. Accepting this offer can lead to some valuable rewards in Starfield.

SSNN Quiz: Questions and Answers

Once aboard the SSNN ship, a reporter will present players with a quiz comprising eight questions. Players will need to answer four of these questions. Here are the potential questions and their correct answers:

  1. When did the Colony War End?
    • Answer: 2311
  2. When was the Treaty of Narion signed?
    • Answer: 2216
  3. What does “Sanctum Universum” mean in Latin?
    • Answer: Holy Universe
  4. Coe’s Day is a celebration held in which city founded by Solomon Coe?
    • Answer: Akila
  5. Which planet holds the Red Mile Obstacle Course contest?
    • Answer: Porrima
  6. Neuroamps were created by what company?
    • Answer: Ryujin
  7. What type of sport is played in the CEC?
    • Answer: Starship combat
  8. The term “spacer” refers to what kind of person?
    • Answer: A person born in space

SSNN Survey

After the quiz, players will be presented with two survey questions. There are no right or wrong answers for these questions, and players can answer them based on their preferences.


SSNN Survey Rewards

Upon completion of the SSNN Quiz and Survey, players will receive rewards based on the number of correct answers they provided. Rewards can include crafting or medical materials, food, or credits. The reporter’s reaction will also vary depending on the number of correct answers given, adding a touch of humor to the experience.

The SSNN Quiz and Survey offer players a fun and rewarding way to test their knowledge of the Starfield universe. So, the next time you encounter the SSNN Survey Ship, be sure to hop aboard and take the quiz!