Starfield offers a diverse set of 50 unique Starfield achievements and trophies designed to provide players with a genuine sense of “pride and accomplishment.” The beauty of these achievements is that you don’t need to be a completionist to unlock them all. While none of the trophies are tied to game difficulty, they’re crafted to encourage players to explore various facets of the game. So, whether you’re a seasoned space traveler aiming to unlock achievements or a newbie astronaut just starting out, this guide is your roadmap to navigating the stars and securing those sought-after Starfield achievements without the need for 100% completion.


Starfield Achievements And Trophies List

Achievement/TrophyHow To Unlock
All That Money Can BuyComplete “All That Money Can Buy”
Further Into the UnknownComplete “Further Into the Unknown”
A Legacy ForgedComplete “A Legacy Forged”
EntangledComplete “Entangled”
Executive LevelComplete “Executive Level”
Guilty PartiesComplete “Guilty Parties”
High Price to PayComplete “High Price to Pay”
In Their FootstepsComplete “In Their Footsteps”
Legacy’s EndComplete “Legacy’s End”
One Giant LeapComplete “One Giant Leap”
Surgical StrikeComplete “Surgical Strike”
The Best There IsComplete “The Best There Is”
The Devils You KnowComplete “The Devils You Know”
The Hammer FallsComplete “The Hammer Falls”
UnearthedComplete “Unearthed”
Dust OffReach Level 5
TravelerReach Level 10
EliteReach Level 25
Space OperaReach Level 50
Reach for the StarsReach Level 100
Back to the GrindJoin Ryujin Industries
DeputizedJoin the Freestar Rangers
One Small StepJoin Constellation
Rook Meets KingJoin the Crimson Fleet
Supra et UltraJoin the UC Vanguard
For All, Into the StarfieldEnter Space for the First Time
Home Sweet HomeBuild an Outpost
Shipping MagnateConnect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links
I Use Them For SmugglingSuccessfully Smuggle Contraband
Chief EngineerModify a Ship
Fleet CommanderCollect 10 Ships
Another Bug HuntEliminate 300 Creatures
Boots on the GroundLand on 100 Planets
Stellar CartographyVisit 20 Star Systems
The Stars My DestinationVisit all Star Systems
Cyber JockeyBypass 50 Digital Locks
Dark MatterEliminate 300 Human Enemies
FixerComplete 30 Activities
PrivateerComplete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions
IndustrialistProduce 500 Total Resources from Outposts
Jacked InAccess 50 Computers
Life Begate LifeGather 500 Organic Resources
ReplicatorCraft 100 Items
Rock CollectionGather 500 Inorganic Resources
Soldier of FortuneMod 50 Weapons
Thirst for KnowledgeRead 20 Skill Magazines
War of AngelsCollect 20 Quantum Essence
The Family You ChooseRecruit 10 Separate Companions
StarcrossedReach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

The Starfield achievements list is reminiscent of other Bethesda games like Fallout 4. Unlocking them all won’t be much of a challenge as most of them seem like part of the natural progression of Starfield’s main storyline and exploration mechanics. Unless, there are different story paths you need to take to complete the first 16 achievements which means multiple playthroughs. There are multiple different factions in the game and some missions might be exclusive to certain factions.

The hardest achievement in my opinion isn’t going to be related to any mission, but to the leveling system of the game. “Reach for the Stars” achievement requires the player to reach level 100 and let me tell you, that is going to be a tedious task. There is a New Game+ mode that allows you to carry the same character in a new playthrough of the game and should help with the leveling process.


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