In Starfield players are constantly thrown into missions that test their diplomacy and strategy. The “Access Is Key” side quest is a prime example, where players are tasked with retrieving a vital Security Keycard from HopeTech, a faction quest assigned by the ever-resourceful Imogene of Ryujin Industries. This guide walks you through the steps to successfully navigate this mission, emphasizing the importance of disguise and persuasion to achieve a non-hostile resolution. Let’s delve into the details of this quest with a step-by-step guide on how to complete Access Is Key in Starfield.


Starfield Access Is Key Side Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest, players need to speak with Imogene in Neon, located in the Volii Alpha system. She will brief players about the mission’s objective: obtaining a Security Keycard from HopeTech.

Get The Security Guard Disguise

Before heading to the mission’s main location, players have the option to don a disguise to make the task smoother. Imogene suggests wearing a Security Guard Uniform or a suit to peacefully retrieve the keycard. In the Ryujin Tower lobby, players can purchase the Corpo Boardroom Suit from an NPC named Aito Suzuki. Equipping this suit increases the chances of a non-hostile approach when interacting with the security chief at HopeTech.

Note: Using a disguise is optional.


How To Get The Security Keycard From HopeTech

The primary mission location is Hopetown on the Polvo planet, situated in the Valo system. Upon landing, players should:

  • Enter HopeTech: Navigate to the HopeTech building and proceed to the back door on the ground floor. This leads to a warehouse.
  • Interact with the Hopetown Security Chief: Inside the warehouse, players will find the Hopetown Security Chief. It’s best to quick save before starting a conversation with the security chief. You can then attempt to persuade the chief to hand over the Security Keycard. If persuasion fails, you have the option to forcefully retrieve the keycard, though this is not the preferred method and might upset Imogene.

With the Security Keycard in hand, players should return to Imogene at the Ryujin Tower in Neon. Handing over the keycard completes the mission, and players can then proceed to the next quest in the Ryujin Industries questline, titled “Sowing Discord.”


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