Starfield players are often tasked with missions that test their loyalty, stealth, and decision-making. The “A New Narrative” side quest is a testament to this, where players find themselves deep into the corporate machinations of Ryujin Industries. In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know on how to complete A New Narrative faction quest for Ryujin Industries.


Starfield A New Narrative Side Quest Walkthrough

Before embarking on the “A New Narrative” mission, players must complete two essential missions: “Back to the Grind” and “One Step Ahead.” After accomplishing these tasks, the quest will automatically appear under the Faction tab in the Missions HUD.

Speak With Imogene

To kick off the quest, players should visit Imogene Salzo, the Operations Specialist at Ryujin Industries. She can be found in Neon at Volii Alpha, specifically on the Operations Floor of the Ryujin Tower. After a brief conversation, Imogene will assign players the task of planting incriminating evidence against Laredo, a competitor. This move aims to give Ryujin Industries an edge in contract negotiations. Imogene provides a slate containing the confidential files and two Digipicks to facilitate the mission.

Planting the Confidential Files at Laredo Firearms

To execute this part of the mission, players should:

  • Travel to Akila City: Located in the Cheyenne System, Akila City is the primary destination for this task. A mission pin for “A New Narrative” will guide you to the exact location.
  • Locate Laredo Firearms: Upon entering Akila City, turning right will lead players to the Laredo Firearms building. If it’s the your first visit, you might receive a warning about an ongoing conflict in the city, potentially unlocking another mission titled “Job Gone Wrong.”
  • Access the Laredo Office: Inside the Laredo establishment, you should head to the first floor. Here, they’ll encounter a locked office door. Using one of Imogene’s Digipicks, this door can be unlocked, revealing a yellow chest inside. The second Digipick is used to unlock this chest, where players can then transfer the confidential files.

After successfully planting the evidence, you should return to Imogene in Neon. Reporting back concludes the mission and ensures players receive their rewards.