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In the “A Legacy Forged” side quest, players are taken on a journey that revolves around the mysterious character, Vae Victus, and the unfolding events related to the Terrormorphs. The quest begins on the planet Londinion in the Alpha Centauri system, specifically at Forward Base 441. The quest is associated with the United Colonies faction and is unlocked after completing the “Hostile Intelligence” quest. The main quest giver for this mission is Hadrian.

Starfield A Legacy Forged Side Quest Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Vae Victus: Players must return to Subsection Seven to confront Vae Victus. This is the opportunity to question him about his plans with the Terrormorphs, the attacks, his accomplices, and more.
  2. Speak to Hadrian and Percival: After the confrontation with Vae Victus, players need to discuss their findings with Hadrian and Percival. Players have the choice to either lie about Vae Victus’s involvement or confirm their suspicions.
  3. Address the Cabinet: The final step requires players to report back to the Cabinet Chambers about their discoveries related to the Terrormorphs. During this discussion, players can decide Vae Victus’s fate, either letting him live or exposing him, leading to his execution. Additionally, players can choose whether or not to share this critical information with other factions. It’s worth noting that these decisions might have lasting impacts on relationships with other factions, accessibility to certain places, and interactions with characters.


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