In Starfield the power reactor you choose for your ship can be the difference between conquering the stars or drifting aimlessly in space. From the robust Fusor DC402 to the early-game Z-Machine 1000, understanding the nuances of each reactor is crucial. Whether you’re prioritizing power generation, repair rate, or seeking the best reactors available in Akila City and Deimos Staryard, this guide goes into the heart of Starfield’s ship power systems.

ship reactors in Starfield.

Best Ship Reactors In Starfield

Fusor DC401 Reactor

The Fusor DC401 stands out as a top-tier choice for those seeking a balance of power and durability. As a Class C reactor, it requires a Piloting rank of 4. It boasts a massive power generation of 29, a moderate hull strength of 755, and a large crew capacity of 3. However, its 1x1x2 model and a mass of 90 means you’ll need to design your ship around it. With a price tag of over 50,000 credits, it’s an investment that promises robust performance.

Z-Machine 2020 Reactor

The Z-Machine 2020 offers a unique proposition. As a Class B reactor, it requires a Piloting rank of 3. While its power generation is on the lower side at 16, it compensates with a colossal hull boost of 1,100. Weighing in at 57 mass with a 1x1x1 form factor, it’s relatively compact. Priced at around 17,000 credits, it’s a reactor that suits ships designed for combat, especially when paired with the Aneutronic Fusion skill.

Tokamak X-120S Reactor

For those prioritizing sheer power, the Tokamak X-120S is a compelling choice. This Class A reactor offers a staggering 28 power generation while keeping its weight light at 30 mass and maintaining a compact 1x1x1 form factor. However, its hull strength is a mere 480, making it a bit of a glass cannon. Available for around 33,000 credits, this reactor is ideal for ships that prioritize offense over defense.


154MM Toroidal Reactor

The 154MM Toroidal Reactor is a balanced option for those seeking a linear upgrade path. As a Class A reactor, it provides a solid 26 power generation, a hull strength of 600, and a crew capacity of 1. Its 1x1x1 form factor and 35 mass make it versatile for various ship designs. Priced at approximately 30,000 credits, it’s a reliable choice for those looking for a reactor that offers both power and flexibility.

SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor

Manufactured by Dogstar, the SF40 Sheared Flow is a C-class reactor that stands out with its impressive 40 Power Generation. It also boasts a health of 116, a hull strength of 1315, and a 5.80 Repair Rate. To equip this reactor, players need to reach Piloting Rank 4 and Starship Design Rank 2. It becomes available for purchase at the Akila City Ship Technician once players hit level 60.

Fusor DC402 Reactor

The Fusor DC402 is another top-tier C-class reactor, offering a robust 38 Power Generation. It comes with a hull strength of 1020, a 5.75 Repair Rate, and a health of 102. Similar to the SF40, players need Piloting Rank 4 and Starship Design Rank 2 to acquire this reactor, which can be purchased from the Akila City Ship Technician after reaching level 60.

Theta Pinch C9 Reactor

Manufactured by Amun Dunn, the Theta Pinch C9 is a premium C-class reactor. It provides a whopping 37 Power Generation, complemented by a 6.09 Repair Rate, 1215 Hull, and 122 Health. Players need to get Piloting Rank 4 and Starship Design Rank 2 to purchase this reactor, which becomes available at the Deimos Staryard upon reaching the required levels.


124MM Toroidal Reactor

The 124MM Toroidal is an A-class reactor that offers a balanced 18 Power Generation. It’s equipped with a reactor health of 24 and a hull strength of 355. As a lower-tier reactor, it’s suitable for early to mid-game ships, providing sufficient power for basic functions and upgrades. With no skill requirements and a value of 12065, it’s an affordable choice for budding pilots.

Z-Machine 1000 Reactor

Ideal for early-game scenarios, the Z-Machine 1000 is a B-class reactor. It provides a decent 14 Power Generation and a 2.45 Repair Rate. To equip this reactor, players only need a Piloting Rank of 3.

How To Upgrade Reactors In Starfield

To upgrade your ship’s reactor in Starfield, you’ll need to head to major settlements. Locations like New Atlantis, Akila City, and Cydonia are prime spots. These settlements, along with others that have a dedicated starport, offer facilities that allow you to modify and enhance your ship. If you start with the Pioneer ship, you’ll notice its reactor isn’t the most powerful. Upgrading it early on will save you from the constant hassle of reallocating power between your ship’s systems.

When you begin your journey in Starfield, you’ll have access to A-class parts. As you invest skill points into Piloting, you can unlock B and C class modules. It might seem logical to assume that a higher-class reactor would generate more power, but that’s not always the case. For instance, a B-class reactor, despite being larger and pricier, might not provide as much power as an A-class reactor. The class of a reactor doesn’t linearly correlate with its power output.


Why Reactor Class Matters

Beyond just power generation, the class of your reactor determines the maximum class of modules you can equip on your ship. For example, if you’re eyeing a B-class weapon or grav drive, you’ll need a B-class reactor to support it. Therefore, when selecting a reactor, it’s crucial to strike a balance. You’ll need to consider the class requirements for the modules you intend to equip and the power the reactor can produce. This means you’ll need to be strategic about your choice, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.