Navigating the vast expanse of Starfield isn’t just about hopping from one star system to another or negotiating with alien races. It’s also about ensuring you’re armed and ready for whatever the universe throws at you. And while there’s a plethora of weapons to choose from, there’s something undeniably satisfying about a trusty pistol by your side. Whether you’re boarding enemy ships, engaging in mid-range combat, or simply want a reliable sidearm for those unexpected encounters, we’ve compiled a list of the top pistols you’ll want to get your hands on. From legendary firearms with unique effects to laser weapons perfect for long-range precision, here’s your definitive guide to the best pistols in Starfield. Ready, aim, explore!


Best Pistols In Starfield

  1. Keelhauler
  2. Radburn
  3. Ambassador
  4. Trickshot
  5. The Prime
  6. XM-2311
  7. Skip Shot Kraken
  8. Solstice


Keelhauler Pistol in game design in Starfield.

Among the Magshot pistols, Keelhauler stands out. Its rapid firing of the potent .43 MI Array pistol round is complemented by the Berserker effect, which boosts damage based on the user’s minimal armor. To add this to your arsenal, finish the Deep Cover quest, a pivotal part of the UC SysDef and Crimson Fleet narrative.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Phys 83N/A6
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get Keelhauler

You can acquire the Keelhauler by completing the “Echoes of the Past” faction quest. This quest is a part of the Crimson Fleet questline. Delgado rewards you with the Keelhauler upon the quest’s completion.


Radburn in game design in Starfield.

Ideal for newcomers, the Radburn is a distinctive Eon pistol. Its Radioactive effect not only inflicts bonus damage but also demoralizes foes. On top of its foundational physical damage, it adds an energy damage layer. Discover Radburn at the Tau Gourmet facility on Tau Ceti II, nestled inside a weapon case in a blue shipping container.

Weapon TypeAmmoItem ID
MassValueMod Slots

How To Get Radburn

The Radburn can be obtained by looting one of the blue TAU containers during the first quest in the United Colonies questline titled “Grunt Work.” This location is around the area where a Terramorph will spawn.


Ambassador in game design in Starfield.

This enhanced Regulator pistol is a powerhouse, designed for peak DPS. Its High Powered and Penetrator Rounds mods enable it to tackle multiple adversaries simultaneously. With the Extended Barrel and Binary Trigger mods, it’s versatile for both close combat and mid-range engagements. Secure this weapon by leveraging information against Ambassador Radcliff during the Friends Like These mission.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Phys 53N/A8
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get Ambassador

  • During the UC Vanguard quest titled “Friends Like These,” you have the opportunity to blackmail Ambassador Radcliff to obtain the Ambassador pistol.
  • Steps:
    1. Do not persuade Radcliff after conversing with her.
    2. Speak to the Freestar Embassy Staffer, Cameron, to gather information about Radcliff’s dealings.
    3. Confront Radcliff and choose the dialogue option “You call that a negotiation? Without even offering me a gift?” to receive this unique pistol.


trickshot in game design in Starfield.

A sibling to Keelhauler in the Magshot family, Trickshot has a unique firing pattern: every fourth shot releases two bullets for the price of one. It’s akin to a guaranteed critical hit, with the potential for even more damage. During the UC Vanguard’s War Relics mission, head to the Mech Fields in Niira. The Trickshot awaits in a mech husk at the construction quarry.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Phys 74N/A6
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get Trickshot

The Trickshot can be obtained by looting one of the Mech Husks found in the construction quarry during the “War Relics” faction quest, which is a part of the UC Vanguard questline.


The Prime

The Prime in-game design in Starfield.

If you’re in the market for a robust magnum, The Prime is your answer. A revamped Razorback, it’s tailored for extended medium-range battles. Its High Velocity and Penetrator Rounds mods enhance accuracy and range, while bullets can pierce through enemies. An added perk is its Elemental effect, which occasionally inflicts Corrosive, Poison, Radiation, or Incendiary damage. Purchase it at Laredo Firearms in Akila City or opt for its counterpart, Deadeye, a unique 7.5mm revolver, awarded at the conclusion of the Freestar Collective quest.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Phys 61N/A6
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get The Prime

The Prime can be acquired by buying it from the Laredo Firearms shop located in Akila City.


XM-2311 in game design in Starfield.

This pistol is a powerhouse for mid-range engagements. Its impressive damage, coupled with a high fire rate and pinpoint accuracy, ensures you can eliminate multiple threats before needing to reload. While it can be found on fallen enemies or in containers, those looking for a surefire way to obtain the XM-2311 can head to Akila’s Rawland Arms for a purchase.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Phys 53N/A9
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get XM-2311

The XM-2311 can be acquired by buying it from the Rowland Arms shop. The mods it comes with might vary based on your level.



Skip Shot Kraken in game design in Starfield.

Don’t be fooled by its seemingly low damage of 3. This legendary pistol compensates with a staggering fire rate of 150. Perfect for boarding enemy ships, the Skip Shot Kraken allows you to unleash a barrage of bullets, decimating foes in close quarters. Its unique attributes include:

  • Exterminator: Aliens sustain 30% more damage.
  • Poison: Occasionally, it discharges poisonous bullets that gradually weaken adversaries.
  • Skip Shot: Every fourth shot doubles up, firing two bullets instead of one.

To acquire this weapon, journey to Kreet, a moon in the Narion system. Seek out a local research laboratory, and within, you’ll find a container housing the Skip Shot Kraken.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Phys 4N/A25
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get Kraken

  1. Looting from Enemies: The Kraken can be looted from specific enemies, including:
    • Crimson Fleet Marauder
    • Crimson Fleet Rook
    • Pirate Leader
    • Spacer
    • Va’ruun Zealot
  2. Purchasing from Shops: The Kraken is available for purchase from certain shops, and the mods it comes with might vary based on your level. The shops include:
    • Centaurion Arsenal
    • Neon Tactical
    • Rowland Arms


Solstice in game design in Starfield.

Don’t let its modest damage deter you. The Solstice shines with its remarkable accuracy and extended range, especially for a laser weapon. Unlike many pistols, the Solstice remains effective even at longer distances. Its swift reload speed and rapid fire rate make it ideal for dispersing laser volleys into enemy groups. This weapon can be procured from defeated foes or discovered within weapon containers scattered throughout the galaxy.

Base DamageBase Damage 2Mag
Engy 10N/A16
Fire RateRangeAccuracy

How To Get Solstice

The Solstice can be acquired by buying it from various shops. The mods it comes with might vary based on your level. The shops include:

  • Centaurion Arsenal
  • Neon Tactical
  • Rowland Arms
  • UC Exchange