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In Starfield, physical skills are key to staying alive. When players explore space and meet unfriendly creatures or have battles on planets, it’s clear how vital strong physical skills are. The game has many ways to play, letting players shape their characters in special ways. The physical skills in Starfield really show how deep the game is. These skills give players better fighting moves and smart strategies. If you want to be great in close-up fights, be tougher, or just learn the top physical skills to pick, our “10 Best Physical Skills in Starfield” guide is here to help.

Starfield Physical Skills Icons.

10 Best Physical Skills In Starfield

1. Boxing

Enhances unarmed combat capabilities. Boxing, once revered as the ‘sport of kings’, remains a popular recreational competitive activity. Its combat applications in Starfield are undeniable. Players who invest in this skill can expect to deal more damage with unarmed attacks. Additionally, they will use less oxygen when executing power attacks or running, and even have a chance to knock down adversaries.

1Rank 1: Unarmed attacks do 25% more damage. 25% less O2 used when using a power attack.

Rank 2: Unarmed attacks do 50% more damage. 50% less O2 used when using a power attack.

Rank 3: Unarmed attacks do 75% more damage. While in a fight and unarmed, running consumes 30% less O2.

Rank 4: Unarmed attacks do 100% more damage and have a chance to knock down opponents.

2. Fitness

Increases available oxygen for survival. In the vast expanse of space, oxygen is a precious commodity. The Fitness skill, stemming from a consistent physical fitness regimen, ensures players have a larger oxygen reserve. This skill is crucial for those looking to survive the harsh environments of Starfield.

1Rank 1: +10% more oxygen available.

Rank 2: +20% more oxygen available.

Rank 3: +30% more oxygen available.

Rank 4: Sprinting and power attacks now use significantly less oxygen.

3. Stealth

Enhances ability to move undetected. For those who prioritize discretion and the element of surprise, the Stealth skill is indispensable. It introduces a Stealth Meter, making players harder to detect. Moreover, it boosts sneak attack damage, and doors interacted with during stealth no longer alert foes. Ideal for players who favor a silent and methodical combat approach.

1Rank 1: Introduces a Stealth Indicator. Sneaking becomes 25% harder to notice. Silenced weapons gain an extra 5% damage during stealth attacks.

Rank 2: Enhances the Stealth Indicator. Sneaking efficiency increases by 50%. Silenced weapons benefit from an added 10% damage in stealth mode.

Rank 3: Sneaking becomes 75% more elusive. Silenced weapons receive a 15% damage boost during stealth attacks.

Rank 4: Sneaking is now twice as effective. Silenced weapons get a 20% damage increase in stealth. Doors you engage with in stealth mode won’t tip off adversaries.

4. Weight Lifting

Boosts carrying capacity and resistance to stagger. Weight Lifting in Starfield is more than just a show of strength. The Weight Lifting skill significantly amplifies a player’s carrying capacity, allowing for more weapons and equipment to be hauled. Furthermore, it offers resistance against stagger, ensuring players remain unyielding even amidst intense combat.

1Rank 1: +10KG carrying capacity.

Rank 2: +25KG carrying capacity.

Rank 3: +50KG carrying capacity.

Rank 4: +100KG carrying capacity.

5. Wellness

Increases maximum health. Health is of paramount importance in an RPG. The Wellness skill ensures players have a health advantage. By investing skills points and upgrading the Wellness physical skill, players can increase their max health. This not only enhances their overall sense of well-being but also potentially extends their in-game lifespan.

1Rank 1: +10% max health.

Rank 2: +20% max health.

Rank 3: +30% max health.

Rank 4: +40% max health.

6. Energy Weapon Dissipation

With the widespread use of energy weapons in the Settled Systems, this skill offers specialized training to minimize damage. As you progress through the ranks, energy damage is reduced, and there’s even a chance to reflect energy damage back to the attacker.

2Rank 1: -5% Energy damage.

Rank 2: -10% energy damage

Rank 3: – 15% energy damage.

Rank 4: +25% chance to reflect energy damage, -50% energy damage.

7. Environmental Conditioning

  • Tier: Advanced
  • Description: In the Settled Systems, even oxygen-rich planets and moons might have atmospheres hazardous to humans. This skill provides resistance to such environmental damage, ensuring your survival in diverse conditions.
2Rank 1: 10 resistance to Airborne environmental damage.

Rank 2: 10 resistance to Thermal environmental damage.

Rank 3: 10 resistance to Corrosive and Radiation environmental damage.

Rank 4: Less chance of getting a status effect from incoming environmental damage.

8. Gymnastics

Whether you’re navigating alien landscapes or exploring derelict ships in Zero-G, gymnastic training is invaluable. This skill offers abilities like combat slide, reduced fall damage, faster movement in Zero-G, and an increased jump height.

2Rank 1: Unlock combat slide, take 15% less fall damage.

Rank 2: Faster movement in zero gravity, take 20% less fall damage.

Rank 3: Reduced recoil when firing in zero gravity, take 30% less fall damage.

Rank 4: Jump higher, run faster after combat slide and mantling.

9. Nutrition

Advanced nutritional science emphasizes the importance of good life choices. Knowing when and how much to eat can be as crucial as the food itself. With this skill, food and drink become more effective, ensuring you’re always at your best.

2Rank 1: 10% more nutrition from food and drinks.

Rank 2: 20% more nutrition from food and drinks.

Rank 3: 30% more nutrition from food and drinks.

Rank 4: 50% more nutrition from food and drinks.

10. Pain Tolerance

Pain can be a significant hindrance in combat situations. With this skill, you can reduce physical damage, ensuring that pain doesn’t slow you down when it matters most.

2Rank 1: Take 5% less physical damage.

Rank 2: Take 10% less physical damage.

Rank 3: Take 15% less physical damage.

Rank 4: 5% chance to take 0 physical damage when health bar is low.


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