Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe confirmed two projects connected to the Stardew Valley universe. He posted the confirmation on Twitter while replying to a fan. Naturally, the post got blown up and everyone is super hyped about what’s coming. Seeing how there are articles being run on this topic and social media is blowing up, the developer has come out to request everyone to curb their hype just a tad bit.

“I am not setting out to make my next indie smash hit,” says ConcernedApe. It seems the way the community and the internet reacted to the news placed a lot of pressure on the creator of Stardew Valley. All ConcernedApe wants to do is create a game he enjoys playing himself, which we think is the perfect development method.

What we know if the games so far is that one of them is not a farming game yet it is set in the Stardew Valley universe. ConcernedApe is not yet sure about the second game but says it will be connected to the Stardew universe one way or another.eA

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