How To Divert Power To Weapons, Engines, And Shields In Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons Divert Power Guide

Star Wars Squadrons is all about flying your ship and defeating the enemy. However, there is more to just flying the ship as players have to consider which component gets how much power. Players have the choice to divert the power to Weapons, Engine, and Shields. Our Star Wars Squadrons guide will help players with how they can divert power to Weapons, Engine, and Shields and why they should do it.

When players start a match or a mission in the single-player campaign, Weapons, Engine, and Shields have equal power.

Players can divert power to either one of these to boost them. Diverting power to the engines will result in an increase in the ship’s speed and agility.

Diverting power to weapons will result in weapons having reduced recharge time and a powerful overcharge when its the weapons gauge is full. If players divert power to the shields, it’ll reduce the recharge rate and will create an overshield when the gauge is full.

How To Divert Power In Star Wars Squadrons

Now that players understand how diverting power works, here is how to divert power to weapons, power, and shield.

System Controller PC
Engines Left d-pad 1
Weapons Up d-pad 2
Shields Right d-pad 3
Balanced Down d-pad 4

To check if the players have successfully diverted power, look at the gauge with Red, Geen, and Blue Lights. Blue represents engines, Green represents shields, and red represents weapons.

As for why players need to divert power to either of the systems, battles in Star Wars Squadrons don’t play out like players can just shoot and fly around.

One minute players will be chasing a target, the next they’ll be evading enemy fire. These scenarios require players to play and think a bit differently.

While under fire, players can divert power to engines to evade or divert power to shields to protect the ship from the incoming fire. It all depends on how players want to approach it.

That is all for our Star Wars Squadrons guide with tips on how to divert power to weapons, engines, and shields. For more on the game, also see our Lock On Guide and How to Charge Shields.

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