Star Wars: Squadrons Bomber Starfighters Builds Guide

Star Wars: Squadrons Bomber Starfighters Builds Guide

Bombers truly shine when it comes to dishing out a lot of damage. They’re also quite resilient and can soak up a lot of damage before going down. You should try to use them as your front-liners when it comes to damaging flagships and cruisers. However, it doesn’t mean Bombers are pushovers in a dogfight. While they lack the agility of other starfighters in the game, their sheer damage potential can easily win these duels. In this Star Wars: Squadrons guide, we’ve shared the best builds for the Bomber starfighters class in the game.

Star Wars: Squadrons Bomber Builds

Bomber-class starfighters in Star Wars: Squadrons consist of New Republic Y-wing and the Imperial TIE Bomber. Below, you’ll find a detailed overview of the best loadouts you should consider running in the game.

Before we begin, do note that none of these loadouts are set in stone. You should try to experiment with different things and see what works best for you. If you’re interested in learning about unlocking components, check out our detailed guide.

Y-wing Loadout

The sole purpose of running the loadout is to effectively deal with capital ships. Provided that your allies can get you close enough, you should easily be able to deal considerable damage to shields and hull. The loadout also provides you with a lot of defensive capabilities with hull, shield, and engine. This will give your allies plenty of room to intercept if you’re ever in trouble. Lastly, with the Ion Cannon, you’ll not only deal a lot of damage to shields but will also be able to stun enemy starfighters for your allies to finish the job.

  • Starfighter: New Republic Y-wing
  • Primary Weapon: Krupx JR-89 Ion Cannon
  • Left Auxiliary: Taim & Bak Ion Bomb
  • Right Auxiliary: Arakyd PW-16 Proton Bomb
  • Countermeasure: ArMek H/M Seeker Warheads
  • Hull: Fabritech Dampener Hull
  • Shield: Krupx Conversion Shield
  • Engine: Incom SLAM Engine

Tank TIE Bomber

As the name suggests, the loadout is all about defense. This should allow you to facetank everything at the cost of agility. To start off, try to activate the Assault Shield and drop a Seeker Mine if an enemy interceptor passes you by. Since you’ll engage in dogfights, the Unstable Twin Engine will ensure that you explode after crashing, finishing any weakened starfighters nearby. You should consider running this loadout on a map with tight corners.

  • Starfighter: Imperial TIE Bomber
  • Primary Weapon: Sienar Rotary Cannon
  • Left Auxiliary: Sienar R/D-77 Assault Shield
  • Right Auxiliary: Sienar Seeker Mine
  • Countermeasure: Chaff Particles
  • Hull: Sienar Reinforced Hull
  • Engine: Unstable Twin Engine

These were our best builds for Bomber starfighters in Star Wars: Squadrons. For more helpful tips and tricks, check out our detailed Star Wars: Squadrons wiki guides.

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