Star Wars Squadrons Achievements Guide: How To Complete 100%

Star Wars Squadrons Achievements

If you are interested in the platinum status for Star Wars Squadrons then you need to complete the game 100% by completing all the achievements. In this Star Wars Squadrons guide, we are going to go over the achievements that you need to unlock in order to complete the game 100%.

Star Wars Squadrons Achievements You Need To Complete

The following are the achievements that you need to unlock in order to complete Star Wars Squadrons 100%:

Achievement  How To Unlock
Platinum Pilot Earned every Trophy in STAR WARS: Squadrons.
The Galaxy’s Finest (Ace) Completed the campaign on Ace difficulty.
Ultimate Weapon Destroyed 1000 starfighters in Dogfight matches.
The Galaxy’s Finest (Veteran) Completed the campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Special Modifications Acquired 50 components for your starfighters.
Seasoned Star Pilot Reached Pilot Level 40.
Great Shot, Kid Dealt the final blow to the enemy’s flagship in a Fleet Battle.
I Know a Few Maneuvers Destroyed 10 starfighters while drifting in Dogfight.
Across the Stars Won a Ranked Fleet Battles match on every map.
Mission Accomplished Earned all Medals in a Story mission.
Fully Decorated Earned all Story Medals on any difficulty.
Unstoppable Ace Destroyed 250 starfighters in Dogfight matches.
The Galaxy’s Finest (Story Mode) Completed the campaign on Story Mode difficulty.
The Galaxy’s Finest (Pilot) Completed the campaign on Pilot difficulty.
Dressed for the Job You Want Equipped your pilot with their first Legendary cosmetic.
A Starfighter of Your Own Acquired your first starfighter component.
A Better Idea Modified a starfighter’s preset loadout in multiplayer.
A Promising Career Reached Pilot Level 10.
Victory for the New Republic Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles as the New Republic.
Victory for the Empire Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles as the Galactic Empire.
Heavy Hitter Dropped 50 bombs to damage Capital Ship hulls across multiple Ranked Fleet Battles.
Begin the Ceremony Earned your first Award.
Found Your Place Completed your Ranked placement matches.
I Have You Now Won 15 Dogfight matches.
Stay on Target Won 15 Co-op Fleet Battles vs. AI.
Stronger Together Won any match while playing in a party.
Stun ‘Em Disabled the same player five times in one match.
Sound Strategy Destroyed your first subsystem.
Fearless Destroyed an enemy while your hull integrity was 5% or lower.
Back From the Brink Returned to the Hangar with less than 5% hull integrity.
Trigger Happy Dealt more than 50,000 laser damage in a single match.
Squadron Hunter Destroyed four of each starfighter class in Dogfight matches.
Unkillable Evaded or countered 5 lock-ons in a row during a single match.
The Trap is Set Damaged 5 enemies with Seeker Mines in a single match.
Shallow Grave Used Tactical Shields or Supply Droids to rescue near-death allies 10 times in Ranked Fleet Battles.
Got ‘Em Destroyed a disabled starfighter 10 times across multiple Dogfight matches.
Denied Shot down 30 missiles, bombs, or mines in Ranked Fleet Battles.
Fracture at Fostar Haven Completed the Prologue.
Together, Vanguard Destroyed the Cruiser at Cavas without backup.
Asset Secured Acquired the Not Even Close Medal.
Temporary Guardian Acquired the Marksman Medal.
Safety in the Storm Protected the entire convoy in the Zavian Abyss.
Flames Over Mon Cala Destroyed all fuel pods at Mon Cala.
Baited Destroyed a New Republic fighter using a core near Sissubo.
Against the Current Acquired the Thread the Needle Medal.
Punch It Maintained maximum speed during the Galitan escape.
Combat Pilot Destroyed 50 starfighters in Dogfight matches.
Stomped Won a Fleet Battles vs. AI match with both Capital Ships and your Flagship intact.

That is all for our Star Wars Squadrons achievements guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can lock on and you can also check out our Star Wars Squadrons guides hub for more content related to the game.

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