In the Master Codebreak-Out mission in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, there are 5 Master Codebreak to find. This guide will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Master Codebreak-Out Minikit Locations.

Master Codebreak-Out Minikit Locations

To your right is a cave with a broken switch at its end. To enter the cave, repair the button. The Minikit is inside the cave, where you’ll find a computer. Change the picture on the screen to all four characters to receive the Minikit.

Location #2: Prove your worth as a hero and obtain a droid to ride. Next, make your way through the prison to the central control room, where you’ll find the switch. A jail with the guard statue will reveal extensive paint splatters on the walls. To get it, reassemble the Minikit in the area’s corner.

Location #3: To earn a Minikit, go further into the cave and look for another shelter with a switch. Enter the cavern, and you’ll discover a machine. Remove the outer layer first, then use a grenade to destroy it. Silver bricks will be created as a result. After that, fill the container at the room’s rear with water. Then pull the lever on the other side to reveal a Minikit out of the box.

Location #4: To get the access code, you must go back to the start and use C-3PO Computer (Canto Bight Prison Safe Password) to decrypt it. Then drop down into the second cave on your right. Another C-3PO Computer may be found there. To obtain the Minikit, you’ll need to input the previous password.

Location #5: Finally, To access the Minikit, you must first reach the top of the Control Room, where you’ll discover the Minikit.

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