This is the standard stance that a majority of the players will stick with for the longest time. You are equipped with a single Lightsaber that you can use to dish out damage as well as deflect fire. Since it is reliable in almost every situation, you cannot go wrong with this one. When it comes to skills that it offers, there are plenty of good options to choose from. You can invest in deflection, aerial combat, or even straight up slashing at your foes. Whatever you decide to go with, this guide has detailed all the skills you can expect from the Single Blade stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Single Blade Skills

This is the most balanced Combat Stance that you can use in SW Jedi: Survivor. You are equipped with a single Lightsaber that you can use to deal damage as well as parry. Players who have played the first game will feel right at home with this Combat Stance since it is reliable in almost every situation you will find yourself in. Also, if you are new to the game, we definitely recommend going with this one.

The skillset if offers lets you move around the area quickly while deflecting projectiles being thrown at you. There are also some aerial combos that you can use if that’s your thing. Below, we have provided a complete rundown of all the skills that you can use as Single Blade:

Skill Cost Effect
Lunging Strike 1 Skill Point A simple thrust attack that can cover a large distance. You can perform this by holding Triangle/Y.
Improved Footwork 1 Skill Point This allows you to reflect two blaster projectiles by pressing L1/LB just as you are about to get hit.
Cyclone Slash 2 Skill Points Do any basic attack and then hold Square/X to perform a powerful overhead attack.
Twofold Reflection 1 Skill Point You can press L1/LB to reflect two projectiles in a row.
Charged Throw 2 Skill Points You can hold L1/LB and Triangle/Y to throw your Lightsaber for increased damage.
Aerial Assault 2 Skill Points While in the air, press Triangle/Y to attack the enemy directly below you.
Aerial Ace 1 Skill Point This one further improves the damage of Aerial Assault and also staggers the target.
Dash Strike 2 Skill Points If an enemy is out of your normal melee range, you can hold L1/LB and press Square/X to perform a powerful dash attack.
Aerial Dash Attack 1 Skill Point This one allows you to perform the Dash Strike while you are airborne.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Single Stance Skills

Best Single Blade Skills

Closing in on the gap can be bit of a problem when using the Single Lightsaber stance. This is why we recommend Dash Strike as one of the early unlocks if you are planning on using this Combat Stance. This will let you quickly close in on the distance and continue slashing from one enemy to the other. Also, if you are someone who likes to move around a lot, you can pair this up with Aerial Dash Attack which will allow you to dash while in the air. It can also be used as an escape tool if you find yourself surrounded with a lot of enemies.

Another skill that we cannot recommend enough is Twofold Reflection. Since you will constantly get blasted as you progress through campaign, having the ability to reflect two blaster shots in a row is very advantageous. Lastly, if you need something for long-range, Charged Throw is a very good option that deals pretty decent damage.

How to Unlock Single Blade

This is one of the Combat Stances that is unlocked by default alongside the Double-Bladed stance.

These are all the Single Blade Skills that you can use in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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