Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an exciting action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe that offers players a variety of perks to enhance their combat skills and abilities. With a total of 25 perks to discover, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to equip. Choosing the right perks is essential to maximize your effectiveness in battle, and that’s where our guide comes in.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the locations of each perk and highlight the best ones to use, helping you make informed decisions about which perks to equip at Meditation Points.

All Perks Locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Let’s start with the perks you can buy from vendor Zee in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. After completing the Forest Array main mission, Zee will become an NPC vendor that offers various perks in exchange for Datadiscs in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You can find her on the second floor of Pyloon’s Saloon.

Vendor Perks

PerkLocation/Where to FindWhat it DoesCost
SteadfastAvailable at ZeeOne hit won’t interrupt your animation when running. 1 Slot
FluxAvailable at ZeeGet a small amount of Force over time but overall Force is reduced.1 Slot
VersatilityAvailable at ZeeSwitch the lightsaber stance to get an additional damage boost for a short time.3 Slots
EquilibriumAvailable at ZeeUse Force Power to boost the damage of your next lightsaber attack.3 Slots
WisdomAvailable at ZeeGet extra XP for killing enemies.2 Slots
ElixirAvailable at ZeeHealing stims fill a small amount of super meter.2 Slots

Perks that be bought from Zee must be unlocked by defeating enemies or by finding them in different locations.

PerkLocation/Where to FindWhat it DoesCost
Shatter PerkFound in Koboh inside a dungeon close to the Rambler Reach Outpost Meditation Point. It is the same dungeon where you fight Rancor. We discussed this location in detail in our Rancor boss fight guide.Higher chance of breaking enemy guard.2 Slots
Resilience PerkClear the first High Republic Chamber in Koboh, Chamber of Duality.Get increase block meter.1 Slot
Dexterity PerkFound in Koboh, Chamber of Reason. Follow the slope uphill to find the entry point of this chamber near a Mogu. Kill the Mogu before going in.Increase lightsaber throw damage.2 Slots
Fortification PerkFound in Koboh, Forest Array. When you take a different path to avoid the gunner on your way to the Forest Array, squeeze through a narrow crack that leaks to an area where you’ll find a BD-1 component. Cross to the other side to find this perk.HP regen to a minimum amount.3 Slots
Fellowship PerkFound in Koboh, Chamber of Clarity. Clear the Temple in Untamed Downs.BD-1 can carry 1 extra stim.4 Slots
Precision PerkFound in Koboh, Stone Spires. When your objective is to activate the laser with the Koboh Grinder, you can dig out this perk from gunk nearby using the Koboh Grinder.Shorter parry time but deal more stamina damage when you parry.2 Slots
Marksmanship PerkFound in Koboh, Stone Spires. After completing the manse encounter go up to the roof of the building.Blaster shots deal more damage in Blaster Stance.3 Slots
Gambler PerkFound in Jedha, Crypt of Uhrma. Beat Sutaban Alpha to get this perk.Increased XP but you can’t restore after death.4 Slots
Centered PerkFound on the Shattered Moon. Beat the main boss in this area.Use healing stims near enemies to stagger them. Absorb one hit without any action interruption.2 Slots
Perplexity PerkFound in Koboh, Mountain Observatory. Beat the main boss in this area.Enemies with Confusion status effect take more damage.2 Slots
Recuperation PerkFound in Koboh, Chamber of Connection. To access the Jedi Temple in Viscid Bog, you must first reach the Gorge Crash Site in Koboh. Once there, use Force Lift to open a metal door next to the fast travel point and descend the elevator shaft. Ride the Relter to the right and take the first zipline, then jump to a second one that leads to the temple. However, be prepared for a tricky puzzle that involves connecting flames using the Koboh Grinder.Increased minimum level to which the Force Meter can restore itself.3 Slots
Persistence PerkFound in Koboh, Chamber of Fortitude. To find the entrance to the Jedi Temple located in Southern Reach, head to the building with a dome beneath the hilltop where you met Mosey. Use your Force Lift to open the dome and make your way through the Corroded Silo until you reach the temple’s entrance. Prepare to battle Anoth Estra, the boss of the temple, and once defeated, you’ll receive this perk as a reward.Kill enemies in Slow Time to restore a small portion of your HP.2 Slots
Warrior Perk (NG+ exclusive)Complete the story.Previous encounters will sometimes have different, tougher enemies in NG+.n/a
Purity Perk (NG+ exclusive)Complete the story.Increased all types of damage dealt by Cal, friendlies and enemies.n/a
Trensetter Perk (NG+ exclusive)Complete the story.Randomly changes outfits when you die.n/a

Passive skills, known as perks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, can be obtained by either purchasing them from Zee the Droid in Pyloon’s Saloon or interacting with blue Essence Crystals. Although most perks can be acquired through these methods, it’s important to remember that while some crystals provide boosts to your max HP, Force, and XP, only a select few of them grant new perks.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below. SW Jedi Survivor is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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