As Cal travels through various planets, he encounters numerous enemies and bosses, one of which is the K-405 droid. The K-405 droid is the first boss you face in the game’s main storyline and is a formidable foe with a long health bar. Defeating this droid requires a strategic approach and careful planning.

How to Beat K-405 in Jedi Survivor

In this guide, we will outline some tips and tricks to help you defeat the K-405 droid. We will cover the droid’s red attack and regular attacks, as well as ways to weaken the boss. By following these guidelines, you should be able to take down the K-405 droid and continue your journey through the galaxy as a powerful Jedi. So, grab your lightsaber, and let’s get started!

Learn the Red Attack

At the beginning of the fight, the K-405 droid will perform a red attack that cannot be blocked. This is the game’s way of teaching you to evade. So, the appropriate response to the red attack is to evade (Circle / B on the pad). Remember this as it will come in handy during the fight.

Use Blocks and Parries

During combat, use lightsaber attacks and the Force to deal damage to the K-405 droid. When the droid performs its regular attacks, rely on blocks and parries. A successful parry (pressing the block button at the last moment) can temporarily stun the droid, giving you an opportunity to attack.

Ask Bode for Help

Your companion Bode can help you win the battle. It is worth regularly asking him for help (hold R1/RB and press the command button). Bode’s attack can temporarily stun the boss and expose him to your attacks. So, make sure to use Bode’s attack to your advantage during the fight.

Weaken the Boss

Try to weaken the K-405 droid by attacking it regularly. As the droid loses health, it will become slower and less aggressive, giving you an opportunity to attack more frequently.

Finish the Fight

After the K-405 droid loses almost all of its health, the finishing attack will automatically be activated. Cal and Bode will deal with the droid together, leading to its defeat. So, make sure to stay focused during the fight and finish it off with the finishing attack.

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