Looking to upgrade your character’s HP, Force, and XP in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Look no further than Essence Crystals! These blue objects scattered throughout the game world can provide a boost to your character’s abilities. Our guide will help you locate all the Essence Crystals in the game, organized by planet and zone.

We’ll cover both main story areas and optional locations that require backtracking with new traversal abilities. Please note that our guide will only include Essence Crystals that upgrade HP, Force, and XP. Let’s get started on our journey to uncover all the Essences in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

All HP, Force, and XP Essence Crystal Locations in Jedi Survivor

Essence CrystalRegionLocation/Where to Find
Health Essence CrystalCoruscantFound in Undercity Meats as part of the tutorial.
XP Essence CrystalKobohOnce you arrive on Koboh, head inland until you reach the Derelict Dam Meditation Point. From there, turn around and face the direction you came from, where you’ll see Droids and Stormtroopers. Look down below the makeshift platform to find a ledge and a cosmetic chest.

After landing on solid ground, you’ll see an open chamber beyond. To reach the Essence Crystal, grab hold of the rope and use the wall run ability. This will take you to the location of the crystal.
Health Essence Crystal #2KobohStarting from the Derelict Dam fast travel point, take the path along the cliffside (the one further away from the dinosaur).

As you progress, you’ll come across a Gorocco, a formidable boar-gorilla hybrid. Defeat this creature, and then open the door it was guarding. The Essence Crystal is located just beyond the door.
Force Essence CrystalKobohAfter acquiring the last Essence Crystal, you’ll enter a facility where you’ll encounter several Rolling Mines. At the end of the facility, you’ll find the Tactical Jacket, and there’s also a device that continuously spawns these mines. To create an exit back to the Derelict Dam, you’ll need to blow up a wall.

First, let a Rolling Mine follow you to the right-hand side of the cliffs, near a Prospector, workbench, and elevator. When you reach the edge, use Force Pull and Force Push to detonate the Rolling Mine and destroy the cliffside wall. This will create an exit that allows you to return to the Derelict Dam.

Continue along the path, defeating another Gorocco along the way, until you reach the top of the hill. Here, you’ll find the Essence Crystal waiting for you.
XP Essence Crystal #2KobohAs you progress through the game, you’ll have a cinematic moment where you can see the vast lands of Koboh in the distance. This is also where you’ll meet an NPC named Mosey. Directly below the hill and to your right, you’ll notice vines and ledges that you can climb onto. Your objective is to traverse this section to reach a distant cliffside area that overlooks an outpost with a Meditation Point called Riverbed Watch.
Force Essence Crystal #2KobohFrom Southern Reach, you’ll be able to spot Rambler’s Reach Outpost. A brief distance away from the town, there’s an area called Hunter’s Quarry where you can find another Essence Crystal in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

To obtain this crystal, you’ll need to use the ledges and vines to make your way into the interior of the main building. Inside, you’ll find a Rolling Mine spawner. Lure the mine outside and grab it. Then, throw it at the sludge-covered wall to detonate the mine and destroy the wall. This will grant you access to the Essence Crystal.
XP Essence Crystal #3KobohAfter making your way to Pyloon’s Saloon and meeting up with Greez, you’ll be instructed to check out the underground Smuggler’s Tunnel. While in the small chamber with Hardshell enemies, keep an eye out for the Essence Crystal. It should be located in this area.
Force Essence Crystal #3KobohReturn to the Smuggler’s Tunnel after clearing your first Jedi Temple and meet Zee. Despite the ground collapsing earlier, you should still be able to dive down into the pool. Look for a glowing spot in the water and submerge yourself.

When you spot the opening, swim towards it and resurface. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to interact with the Essence Crystal, although you won’t be able to open the door that leads to Phon’qi Caverns just yet.
Health Essence Crystal #3KobohReach the top of the Forest Array and beat the boss to get this essence crystal.
Force Essence Crystal #4Shattered MoonWhile heading deeper into the facility, you’ll need to use your grapple to reach the large centrifuge. However, you’ll eventually encounter a green barrier that you can’t pass through just yet.

On the opposite side of the barrier, you’ll come across a shaft filled with several Shiverpede enemies. You can use your grapple and the metal grates in the area to reach the Essence Crystal.
Health Essence Crystal #4Koboh (Stone Spires and Lucrehulk)If you remember the Riverbed Watch outpost from earlier, you should now have all the necessary tools to reach the top. Take out a dozen or so enemies in the area, and you’ll also find the Bun haircut. The Essence Crystal is located on the topmost section of the outpost.
Force Essence Crystal #4Koboh (Stone Spires and Lucrehulk)To get your hands on this Essence Crystal, you’ll need to obtain the Koboh Grinder upgrade for BD-1. You’ll be able to get it in the Koboh Spires region as you progress through the main campaign. Once you have the upgrade, use it to burn off the grime covering the crystal and claim it for yourself.
XP Essence Crystal #3Koboh (Stone Spires and Lucrehulk)After acquiring the Lift and Slam Force Power and advancing through the derelict Lucrehulk in Koboh’s swamps, backtrack to the core area. Loop around and use the power to lift the large door that leads to a ledge where you can find this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Essence Crystal.
XP Essence Crystal #4Koboh (Stone Spires and Lucrehulk)Use the Slam ability to reach the chamber with The Massiff.
Health Essence Crystal #5Koboh (Stone Spires and Lucrehulk)Boss fight reward.
XP Essence Crystal #5Shattered Moon (The Giant Laser Beam of Death)The next stop in the main story will take you through the firing chamber of a giant laser beam in the Shattered Moon. You’ll need to use Merrin’s Charm to phase through the green barriers right before the laser fires. At the end of this section, you’ll find the Essence Crystal waiting for you.
Health Essence Crystal #6Koboh (Late-game)When you use your Lift power on the large door near the Gorge Crash Site fast travel point and ride the elevator, you can hop on a ledge as the elevator is moving instead of heading all the way down to where you’ll fight the Mire Terror Legendary Beast.

Upon arriving at a new cliffside area in Viscid Bog, you’ll see a Relter and several grapple balloons. The Relter’s flight path will take you to the other balloons, where you can use your grapple upgrade to loop around each one and reach the Essence Crystal.

Keep in mind that you must use the first Relter to glide to Zygg and Winni’s hut to leave this location since the elevator cannot be summoned from here.
Force Essence Crystal #5Koboh (Late-game)Travel to the Derelict Dam fast travel point and head back to the location where you encountered the Pit Droid with the crashed ship. Use your Lift power on the ship to retrieve the crystal. The Pit Droid will then travel to Pyloon’s Saloon.
XP Essence Crystal #6Koboh (Late-game)To get another Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Essence Crystal, head back to the Derelict Dam fast travel point and take the elevator to the area with the walls that need to be blown up with a Rolling Mine.

Once you reach the top, defeat the Gorocco Matriarch Legendary Beast, and then use the grapple balloons to reach the top of the opposite cliff face where the crystal is located.
Health Essence Crystal #7Koboh (Late-game)At Southern Reach, you will come across a small building near two NPCs. Enter it and lift the grate to reveal the entrance to the Flooded Bunker. Once inside, you will find a miniboss and a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Essence Crystal along with a couple of cosmetics.
Health Essence #8Koboh (Late-game)You can find this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Essence Crystal on a pillar located above the Bilemaw monster in Swindler’s Wash. While it’s technically possible to acquire it with just the Air Dash ability, it’s also doable even if you come back to the area later in the game. Start by wall running a few times and make sure your second run reaches the maximum height for your jump. Then, perform an Air Dash to reach the crystal.

This concludes our list of Essence Crystals you can find in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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