Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will release later this month, and the previews of the game reveal that it is a massive upgrade compared to the previous game and has a ton of new features. Here is what Star Wars Jedi: Survivor brings to the table.

Last updated on April 20th, 2023 at 07:51 am

Everything New In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Firstly, the game is not coming to previous generation consoles such as the PS4 or Xbox One. So you can expect to see better performance and better graphics. Furthermore, there are a lot of customization options, including hair, beard, and clothing. The customization is not limited to the lightsaber. The Director of the game Stig Asmussen mentioned that customization in the first game was an afterthought, but that is not the case in the new game.

Really, [customization] was kind of an afterthought in the first game, and it came in really late in development. The first time we got the whole game together, we were playing it… but I’m not really getting rewarded. There were skins for BD-1, skins for the Mantis, but those were just skins. And I think people saw through that. But the one that we talked about, that I think we got right, was lightsaber customization. And people kind of responded to that. So that’s what we’re going to do — we gave all the customization features ‘the lightsaber treatment.

Furthermore, the new Star Wars game has town-building, and you can even use flying mounts. There is a grapple mechanic which should make traversal easier. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a semi-open world with fast travel points, and there are side quests as well that you can take part in for additional rewards and lore.

There are 7 large planets to explore, and the map has been expanded, so there will be tons of secrets to uncover and chests to find. In terms of combat, there are 3 combat stances that are active from the start of the game. You can unlock 2 additional ones by progressing through the game. New force abilities have also been added. Players will also be able to pull off lightsaber and blaster combos. Dual wielding is also going to be a big feature of the game.

One of the things we were not able to complete for the first game was Dual Wield. We had that as a late-game pick-up in Jedi: Fallen Order, and that was something that we wanted to have as a full stance, but we just kind of ran out of time, so it became this special instead. But there was a lot there. It was probably ready to roll within the first six weeks of working on Jedi Survivor.

Since the world is bigger and there is plenty to explore, you can scan the environment and drop beacon points. The Director of the game Stig Asmussen, mentioned the following regarding the matter:

There’s huge improvements in terms of clarity and of being able to add markers. BD-1 has binoculars now as well that allows you to scan the environment and drop beacon points. There’s just a lot more legibility in general regarding where you need to go next. Lots of lessons learned here and areas we wanted to improve upon.

While Cal is a Jedi and the lightsaber is a very powerful weapon, there will be enemies that have the technology to counter the lightsaber. As Asmussen mentions:

We introduce a variety of different ways that enemies can block a lightsaber, and something we work with Lucasfilm on is what kind of technology can we bring to the combatants, who are basically loaded up to take on a Jedi. What kind of Star Wars tech can we give to them? Whether it’s shields or electrified devices that can block a lightsaber. A lot of the enemies are one-hit kills; you just need to find the opening. Most of them aren’t, though.

If you played the previous game, then you are most likely going to enjoy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as well. It should be a great adventure with Cal Kestis and BD-1. Let us know what you think about Jedi: Survivor and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.

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