Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is full of optional activities for the players to complete and the rumors are one of them. Rumors are optional quests that players can accept from NPCs and Chamber of Reason is one of the rumors. In this guide, we will help players with the location of the Chamber of Reason and how to complete it.

Chamber of Reason Walkthrough

Players will find the Chamber of Reason in the Basalt Rift. Players will encounter Toa in the Basalt Rift and will give them the rumor to explore the High Republic Chamber and the Chamber of Reason will be marked on the map. From Toa’s camp, go up the slop from where some rocks fall down on enemies. At the top, look right and jump while pulling the rope towards you. Swing across and you’ll be standing in front of the entrance to the Chamber of Reason.

Enter the Jedi Chamber, take the elevator down, and slide down to the main area. Players will find an Orb Coupler and a Switch. Use Pull to use the Switch and move the Orb Coupler. Move the Orb Coupler to the right and place the Orb in it. A bridge will appear, use it to get across.

Use Pull to clear the Debris from the wall and another Orb in the Orb Coupler. Use Pull to bring the Orb to the starting area. Use the Switch and the Orb Coupler will move to the left. Place the Orb in the Orb Coupler and another bridge will appear. Walk across the bridge and time yourself as the bridge disappears and reappears at regular intervals.

Use the Switch to move the Orb Coupler and a new Bridge will form. Get to the middle of the bridge, look to the right and you’ll see an Orb below. Pull the Orb, cross the bridge to the other side, and place it in the new Orn Coupler you find. Use the Switch so that the lift takes you up.

As you reach the top, grab the Orb and Push it to the Orb Coupler across the gap. Grab the Essence and the Chamber of Reason is complete. Use Push on the Switch on the wall and take the elevator up to exit.

That is all for our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide with tips on the Chamber of Reason rumor. For more on the game, also see our Chamber of Connection Walkthrough Guide and Perks Locations Guide.

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