The Chamber of Fortitude is an optional Jedi Chamber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, located in the Southern Reach’s Rambler’s Reach area. To reach the entrance of the chamber, players must first unlock the Force Lift ability and find a way to enter the Corroded Silo.

Once inside, players will have to solve a series of puzzles to complete the chamber and earn rewards. This guide will help players find and complete the Chamber of Fortitude in Jedi Survivor.

Chamber of Fortitude Location and Walkthrough

Talk to Toa is Pyloon’s Saloon and she’ll provide players with a Rumor called Explore the High Republic Chamber in the Valley and the Jedi Chamber will be marked on the map. Go to the center of the Southern Reach and players will find a large metal container.

Use the Lift and Slam ability on the grate in front of the entrance. Once removed, drop down to the Croded Silo and follow the path until you reach the entrance of the Chamber of Fortitude.

location of the chamber of fortitude.

Unlike other Jedi Chambers, Chamber of Fortitude doesn’t have any puzzles for the players to solve. Instead, players will fight Anoth Estra. Defeat Anoth Estra and go through the door to acquire Essence.

How to Beat Anoth Estra

That is all for our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide on how to complete the Chamber of Fortitude. For more on the game, also see How To Respec Skill Points guide and Chamber of Connection Walkthrough Guide.

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