Jedi Chambers are a series of optional dungeons in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that provide players with unique challenges and rewards. These chambers offer a thrilling experience for players looking to test their skills and explore new areas of the game. One of the Jedi Chambers available in the game is the Chamber of Detachment, which presents a set of challenges and puzzles for players to complete.

In this Jedi: Survivor guide, we will provide players with detailed information on how to locate and navigate the Chamber of Detachment, as well as tips and strategies for completing it successfully.

Chamber of Detachment Walkthrough and Puzzle Solution

  • How to get to the Chamber Detachment
  • Chamber of Detachment Puzzle Solution

How to Get to the Chamber of Detachment

chamber of detachment location.

Speak with Toa at Pyloon’s Saloon after Zee has been kidnapped and she’ll give players a Rumor to explore a Jedi Chamber called The Chamber of Detachment. Go to the Mountain Ascent and make your way to the end. Right before the area ends where a series of walls takes players to the Fogged Expanse, drop into the river, and the Chamber of Detachment is behind the waterfall.

To access the Chamber of Detachment, you must possess the ability to pass through green barriers. Without it, you can not enter the Chamber of Detachment.

How to go through the forcefield.

Chamber of Detachment Puzzle Solution

Use the elevator to go down and players will find an Orb Coupler and a series of vines. To initiate the puzzle in the Chamber of Detachment, the first step you need to take is to use the Force Pull on a bulky block that has a turbine at the end. After using the Force Pull, the block will start moving, revealing a tiny chamber that has an orb inside it. Pick up the orb and carry it to the rear of the room to continue with the puzzle.

Behind the vines on the back wall, there is a large rock. Players must time the laser with the movement of the rock. Use the Koboh Grinder on the laser and Pull the rock as soon as the Laser is blocked by the Spinning plate. The time it correctly and the material will destroy the vines.

The next step is also about timing the Pull on two rocks to get to the Essence. Players must use the Pull on the Rocks when the Lift of the wall is on the ground level. Players must get the rock on the lift, use it to climb up, grab the Essence, and leave the Chamber of Detachment.

Chamber of Detachment Puzzle Solution Video Walkthrough

That is all for the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide with tips on how to find and complete the Chamber of Detachment. For more on the game, see our How To Increase Max Health Guide and How To Respec Skill Points Guide.

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