Jedi: Survivor is the latest addition to the Star Wars games and a sequel to the excellent Jedi: Fallen Order. In this guide, we will help players with the Chamber of Connection walkthrough to find the Jedi Chamber in the Viscid Bog in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Chamber of Connection Walkthrough

Chamber of Connection is of the Rumors that players can complete in Jedi: Survivor. Rumors are optional quests that players can accept from NPCs. Before we start with how you can complete it, first let’s take a look at where you can find the Chamber of Connection.

Chamber of Connection Location

Head to the Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh or speak with Toa to start the Chamber of Connection Rumor after defeating Rayvis on the Shattered Moon. Head to the Gorge Crash Site in Viscid Bog and use the elevator located behind the Meditation Point. Then ride the bird to the Pole to swing to the other side and grapple the zipline. When you are halfway across the zipline, drop the second zipline below which will take you to a rocky entrance to the Chamber of Connection.

How To Complete Chamber of Connection

Once inside the Jed Chamber, reveal an Orb by standing on the block located at the back of the room. Pull the Orb and slot it in the Orb Coupler. Use the Koboh Grinder and move to the left wall towards the Vines. Go through the door and make your way up the stairs. At the top, look behind and wall run up to the ledge above.

Use the Koboh Grinder to shoot the material from the laser to the vines, close to where you found the Orb. Stand on the block to close the water shutters and open a path. Move ahead and take the Orb with you and push up the ledge and then to the second Orb Coupler. This creates a bridge and opens a shortcut behind the door.

Use the Koboh Grinder through the shortcut to create a path. When the flame gets to the bridge, pull the orb towards you and set it in the Orb Coupler. If you time it correctly, you’ll guide the flame to the vines and you can get the Essence.

That is all for our Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Connection walkthrough guide with tips on how to get to this chamber and complete it. For more on the game, also see How Fast Travel and Combat Stances Explained.

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