There is nothing more fun than having a Blaster in one hand and a Lightsaber in the other to make your Star Ways fantasies come true. While it lacks the single-target power of a Crossguard stance, the range and speed it offers is unmatched. On top of all that, there are plenty of skills that you can use to keep the chain going indefinitely. Want to learn how to build around the Blaster stance properly? We have got you covered! In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we will walk you through the complete overview of all the skills offered by the Blaster stance.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Blaster Skills

Easily the most fun Combat Stance you can use in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You are equipped with a Lightsaber in one hand and a Blaster in the other. A combination of both makes you very versatile in combat but you cannot expect to solely rely on one throughout the entirety of your playthrough. The skills offered by this Combat Stance ensures that you are able to wield both of them very effectively. Below, you can find a complete rundown of every skill offered by the Blaster stance:

Skill Cost Effect
Flying Lunge 1 Skill Point You can lunge at an enemy from far away by holding Square/X.
Blaster Cooldown 1 Skill Point Each time you land a successful hit onto an enemy with your Lightsaber, you replenish ammo.
Improved Clip 1 Skill Point This increases the maximum amount of ammo your Blaster can carry.
Energizing Flurry 3 Skill Points You can hold L1/LB and press Square/X to land a sequence of attacks that replenish ammo if they land.
Efficient Heat Transfer 2 Skill Points The time required to fully-charge a Blaster shot is significantly decreased.
Point Blank 1 Skill Point Right before you are about to get hit, press Triangle/Y to send them flying back.
Quickdraw 3 Skill Points This is kind of like Deadeye from Red Dead Redemption games. You can hold L1/LB and press Triangle/Y to line up multiple enemies and blast them at the same time.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Blaster

Best Blaster Skills to Use

Keeping your Blaster ammo replenished can be bit of an issue when you are using this Combat Stance. This is why you should definitely consider running Blaster Cooldown which will instantly replenish some ammo so you can keep blasting. However, since you will be required to land successful hits with your Lightsaber, you are prone taking damage from all sides. To prevent this, you can also pair it up with Point Blank which is sort of a similar to parrying but much more forgiving.

Lastly, you can also try Quickdraw but it is acquired taste. The fact that it costs 3 Skill Points can feel like a hit or miss at times, there are far better alternatives that you can choose.

How to Unlock Blaster

To unlock this one, you will need to arrive at Jedha. Once you get there, you will come across Bode who will introduce you to the Blaster stance.

These are all the Blaster Skills in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you need any further help, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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