Rabid Jotaz is one of the hardest optional boss fights in the game. Most people, because of the difficult boss battle and the fight being optional, don’t engage in the fight at all. This guide will include all the details on the boss fight with Rabid Jotaz in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and where to find Rabid Jotaz.


Where To Find Rabid Jotaz

The Rabid Jotaz resides on the planet Zeffo. After your adventures on Bogano, you’ll gain access to Zeffo. Navigate through the Ice Caves, leading you to the Crash Site area. This location is characterized by vast waters and the remnants of a crashed Star Destroyer. Within this area, you’ll encounter a Jotaz in the center of a circular region, surrounded by creatures known as Scazz. From this point, ascend onto the rim, and you’ll notice another area with a Jotaz, separated by a short swim. Eliminate this Jotaz, and then ascend the ledge. Here, BD-1 will need to disable a forcefield using his Overcharge ability. Beyond this forcefield lies the arena where the Rabid Jotaz awaits.

How To Beat Rabid Jotaz In SW Jedi Fallen Order

The Rabid Jotaz, much like other formidable foes in the game, has a set of distinct attack patterns:

  1. Three-Step Combo: This is the Jotaz’s most dangerous move, consisting of three massive swings. Relying solely on deflecting these attacks can be risky. Instead, a combination of deflects and rolls is recommended. Roll through the first attack, deflect the second, and roll through the third.
  2. One-Step Blockable Attack: This attack is preceded by a short run-up, giving it more range than expected. However, it’s a lone attack without any follow-up, making it relatively easy to deflect, block, or evade.
  3. Unblockable Two-Part Attack: The Rabid Jotaz telegraphs this move with a red highlight and a roar. It will dart forward and then slam its arms down. Evade by rolling to the side towards the end of the roar.

The key to defeating the Rabid Jotaz is to remain agile, focusing on evasion rather than just deflecting. Exploit the creature’s recovery phase to strike. With persistence and the right strategy, this beast will fall, proving that it’s no match for a true Jedi.


Alternative Strategy

For those looking for a more cautious approach, there’s a method that involves using the environment to your advantage. Near the Rabid Jotaz’s lair, there’s a hole where players can hide. By popping out briefly to strike the beast and then retreating, players can whittle down its health while minimizing risk. This tactic, while time-consuming, ensures safety, especially since a single hit from the Rabid Jotaz can be devastating.

The Rabid Jotaz is a testament to the challenges that await in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, with the right strategy, understanding of its attack patterns, and a bit of patience, players can overcome this beast and continue their journey in the galaxy far, far away.

Rabid Jotaz Boss Fight Video Guide

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