Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Lightsaber has many upgrades and abilities. You can modify your main weapon in a number of ways and in this Jedi Fallen Order Lightsaber guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about weapon upgrades, abilities, and how to get the upgrades. There are multiple ways you can get upgrades and abilities for your Lightsaber.


Well, that’s not technically true, let’s say there are multiple locations from where you can upgrade your weapon in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Basically, you need to fina various workbenches across multiple planets in Jedi Fallen Order. Using these workbenches the player can upgrade the Lightsaber in the new Star Wars game.

Jedi Fallen Order Lightsaber Upgrades

There are two upgrades you can make to your Lightsaber in Jedi Fallen Order. The very first upgrade we will discuss is the double-sided Lightsaber, we actually did a full guide on this as well.

Double-Sided Lightsaber Upgrade

The double-sided Lightsaber upgrade can be acquired from multiple planets. You can find at various points in the story but you can check out the guide above for a way to get this upgrade early. Double-Sided Lightsaber weapon upgrade can be found at Bogano, Dathomir, or Kashyyyk.

Dathomir– Probably the very first place you can find this lightsaber upgrade is in Dathomir on a workbench, When you complete your first visit at the Bogano, you’ll get access to Zeffo and Dathomir. You can make your way to Zeffo where you can learn new tricks but going to Zeffo will delay picking up this Lightsaber upgrade. It is to be noted that Dathomir is a much harder location with high-level enemies so only go if you are able to handle tougher enemies and you have a grasp on your Fallen Order skills.

Once you reach Dathomir, keep on the only path you see. You will come across a hooded figure and a gap you can’t jump across just yet. Go left from this location and drop down, follow a small path to a workbench where you can get the Lightsaber upgrade.

Kathyyyk – By the time you complete the final boss you get the upgrade you need. However, if you missed it you can find the workbench at the meditation spot.

Bogano – Another way to get the Lightsaber double-sided upgrade. You need to complete the first tomb on Zeffo and get the Force Push and scomp ink. You need both of these items to get into Ancient Workshop on the third level of Bogano. There is a workbench in the Ancient Workshop where you can get double-sided the Lightsaber upgrade.

Split Bar Upgrade

This an unmissable upgrade; at the end of Dathomir, you break your lightsaber by accident. Once you lightsaber breaks check just follow the marker to get the Split Bar upgrade for your Lightsaber.

This marks the end of our Jedi Fallen Order upgrade locations guide. You can also check out our guide on how you can get the double lightsaber early on in the game.