Monday, March 4, 2024

Getting “Standard Hardware Security Not Supported” On Windows 11? Don’t Worry


Windows 11 users are facing an issue where they get the “Standard hardware security not supported” message. Which tells them that their system does not have adequate security. This is a pretty old bug that reappears now and again, and you should not be alarmed.

You might get this warning and be alarmed by the little yellow warning triangle, but this is nothing to worry about. This bug has been around since June 2022 and has since resurfaced. Jen Gentleman, a software engineer and Senior Program Manager at Microsoft involved with test builds of Windows 11, has commented on the issue and mentioned the following:

Please note, due to timing of the payload, these issues may come back after the next Windows Security update. It will go away again after a future Windows Security update.

So our understanding is that this is a bug that has resurfaced and that it should go away on its own once a new update is released. Most likely, there is nothing wrong with your PC, and this is a false alarm. No, there is nothing to be concerned about at the moment.

This “Standard hardware security not supported” bug has been around for a while now. I hope that this will go away in a future update and never makes its way back to upset people. If you have other issues, then you can check out our tweaks and fixes section.

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Talha Amjad
Talha Amjad
PC hardware enthusiast and avid gamer. Has been creating content for more than 8 years and has worked with multiple brands and renowned websites. Tech and gaming are more than just work, they are a passion and way of life for me.

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