SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is a mouthful name but the good thing is that it comes with a mouthful of content as well including a ton of collectibles for you to find. In this guide we will go through SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Golden Spatula Locations in the Bikini Bottom area. Let’s find all of these Spatulas!


The Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula Locations

The following section features all Golden Spatulas Locations from The Bikini Bottom.

Golden Spatula #1 – Inside SpongeBob’s Closet

This one is part of the main story of the game so very easy to find. Look inside SpongeBob’s closet but keep in mind that you need 50 Shiny Objects to open it. You can the Shiny Objects in the kitchen and bathroom.

Golden Spatula #2 – Look  On top of the Big Pineapple

The first one was easy to get but you need to hassle a bit to get the second. Find the two buttons between the Pineapple,  Squidward’s Tiki, and Patrick’s Rock. Use the bubble bounce on the button next to Patrick Rock’s to trigger a platform from Rock to Tiki. The next step is to Bubble-Bash the button near the Pineapple to trigger two more platforms between Tiki and the Pineapple. Platforms will appear for a limited time, use the first one to reach the roof of the Tiki, and jump to reach the next two platforms to get to the top of SpongeBob’s Pineapple.

Golden Spatula #3 – Jump Around Squidward

Go and speak with Squidward in his Tiki home and jump around him 5 times to annoy him. He will give in and hand you a Golden Spatula to make the jumping stop. You can get the Spatula yet keep bouncing around him to annoy. It’s a fin side activity to do in the game.

Golden Spatula #4 – Inside Sandy’s Tree Dome

Golden Spatula no.4 is inside Sandy’s Tree Dome at the Upper Conch Street. When you reach the location Sandy will ask you to deal with a few Robots. Fend-off the robots and Sandy will gladly hand you the Golden Spatula.

Golden Spatula #5 – Roof of Shady Shaols

There is a pressure pad next to the Police Station that raises a cage. Use it to reveal a button underneath. Hit the button with a Bubble Bowl and a Springboard with spawn as well as some bamboo cubes. Use the Springboard to reach the top of the Police Station and jump across the bamboo cubes. You should be able to reach the roof of the Shady Shoals Rest Home from there where a Spatula is placed.

Golden Spatula #6 –  Clear the Krusty Krab

This one is easier to find, actually, it has to earned rather than found. Go to the Krusty Krab and you clear some Robots to earn the Golden Spatula. Once you have taken care of all the D1000s, head out of the Krusty Krab and speak with Mr. Krabs to get your shiny new Golden Spatula.

Golden Spatula #7 – Roof of Chum Bucket

To the right of the Chum Bucket, there are three buttons going up the wall. Shoot Cruise Bubbles from outside the theater to hit the buttons one at a time to trigger a Springboard. Use the Springboard to reach the roof of the Chum Bucket.

Golden Spatula #8 – Inside the Chum Bucket

Chum Bucket in the Bottom Feeder Lane has another Golden Spatula. Go to the Chum Bucket lab and you’ll see a vent to the right near the doors. The vent is coming out of the wall, pretty easy to spot. Use the table near it to jump on top of the vent, right where it is coming out of the wall. Now wall jump up to reach the Spatula.

These were all the Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula Locations. Check out The Battle For Bikini Bottom Wiki for more information.