SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated collectibles include Golden Spatulas among other items. In this guide, we will discuss SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Downtown Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula locations.


Downtown Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula Locations

In this section of the guide, you will find all of the SpongeBob SquarePants Downtown Bikini Bottom Golden Spatulas locations.

Golden Spatula #1 – Find All 11 Boat Wheels

The first Golden Spatula is very easy to get if you can manage to find 11 Boat Wheels for none other than Mrs.Puff. Find all of the Boat Wheels and come back to her for your Golden Spatula.

Golden Spatula #2 – Part of the Game Progression

The next one is part of the game progression so keep playing and reach the end of Sandy’s section. Look under the next exit that takes you to the Downtown Rooftops. It is very easy to spot, you can’t miss it.

Golden Spatula #3 – Statue Roundabout

This one is a bit tricky, you need to reach the statue roundabout at the very beginning of the level. Watch out for the cannon shooting kitchen sinks. When you reach the roundabout you will see four towers of Stone Tikis with a Thunder Tiki. Use the Bubble Bash right at the base to trigger them and destroy the tower to reveal a floor button. The next step is to Bubble-Bounce all four buttons under the towers to destroy the cannon and spawn the Golden Spatula on top of the statue. You need to reach the top of the statue jumping onto the statue’s back leg. Jump to the tin can lid from there and onto the head.

Golden Spatula #4 – Part of the Game Progression

A very easy one to get as all you need to keep playing the game. Progress in the game and you will find this one at the end of the Downtown Rooftops area. It is placed after the conveyor belts, you will face a robot here as well.

Golden Spatula #5 – Checkpoint 2

Reach the checkpoint 2 and open the Teleport Box right before paying the Calm 2,100 Shiny Objects. This allows you to move a line of Swing-Hooks, reach the end and use the Lasso Glide to get to a rooftop far away. This rooftop has the Spatula on it.

Golden Spatula #6 – Lighthouse

This one is part of the main progression as well, all you need to do is complete the Lighthouse Ambush. Takedown all of the D1000s on all floors of the lighthouse. Once you manage to beat all of them on the bottom floor you can see the Golden Spatula will be next to the door to Downtown Streets.

Golden Spatula #7 – Bungee Hooks

Go to the West, East, and North windows of the Sea Needle and use the Bungee Hooks outside. When you reach the lower level you will face some Tiki which you need to beat, now head back to Mr.Krabs and get your reward of a Golden Spatula.

Golden Spatula #8 – Cruise Bubble Move

You need the Cruise Bubble Move to get your hands on this Golden Spatula. Go to the Bottom Feeder Lane and speak with Bubble Buddy, the area is unlocked at with Golden Spatulas. Head over to the Sea Needle as Spongbob and reach West window, across the east window and turn right and shoot a Cruise Bubble at the Button on the ceiling. The button will spawn the Spatula and Swing-Hooks. Use the Bus Stop to Switch to Sandy and head back to the West Window. Go left and use the platform to grab the Golden Spatula.

These were all of the Downtown Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula Locations in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle For Bikini Botton Rehydrated. Need more help with the game? Check out the Wiki.