Splitgate is an FPS game with fast-paced and intense mechanics and challenges a player’s mechanical ability in the fast-paced arena shooting style. Splitgate is a mix of Halo and Portal, and the gameplay is unique that you will not experience in any other game. These are all the game modes in Splitgate.

Splitgate Game Modes

Below, we have provided a brief explanation of all the different game modes in Splitgate:

Team Deathmatch
A standard game mode in Splitgate, where two teams of four players each. These teams will fight each other and whoever reaches the kill limit first wins the match.

Free For All
No team, just every player-killing every other player. This game mode contains six players facing off each other. The player who reaches the maximum kills first stands victorious.

King Of the Hill
Players need to secure one single point while playing on a team and holding their position.

Players must secure three positions around the map and earn points. These points contribute to winning the match. The team reaching the maximum score first stands claims victory.

Capture the Flag
This is the part where Halo’s inspiration comes in. Capture the Flag is an extremely intense game mode. In this game mode, the players on one team need to reach the other team’s spawn, capture the flag and return to their base to score a point. The team with the most points wins the match.

Teabag Confirmed
Teabag confirmed is a fun game mode, where to score a kill, you need to teabag the knocked player. Players need to collect dog tags to score a point. The team with the most points wins the match.

In this mode, you can use rifles or pistols to dominate your enemies. This game mode has a one-shot headshot mechanic. A single headshot would kill the enemy instantly.

This game mode is somewhat similar to Capture the Flag. In this mode, you need to hold the ball in the objective area to score a point.

Instagib is a fast-paced game mode. In this mode, players have a Railgun that shoots instantly. You can play in this mode with a team.

In this game mode, there is one player on each team, considered the “VIP” of the team. Other players on the team need to defend this player. The VIP player is the only one to use portals in this mode.

Laser Tag
In this mode, you only have 30 HP. Players in this mode would get killed by one shot.

This mode is somewhat similar to free for all, which means you will have to kill your enemies. However, in this mode your loadouts will be randomized whenever you die.

One in the Chamber
In this game mode, players will have a single bullet in their magazine at all times. This means you can kill your enemies in a single shot. As you kill an enemy, you will be granted another bullet in your mag to keep you in the fight.

Neutral Capture the Flag
In this game mode, players need to fight for a single flag in the arena. The team that gets hold of the flag and brings it in their base wins the match.

Gun Game
In this game mode, getting a kill will grant you a new weapon. To win the match in this mode, you need to secure a kill with each weapon until you have used them all in the single match.

In this mode, players need to kill all their enemies as much as possible and collect points. The more you die, the more respawn time will be increased for you. To stand victorious in this mode, your team needs to win four rounds.

This game mode is somewhat similar to Takedown, but you cannot respawn in the same round you have died.

VIP Takedown
In this mode, there will be a VIP on each team. Killing the VIP person of the other team will make you win that round.

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