Splatoon 3 has its own single-player adventure campaign, labeled hero mode. There is a chance that the terms Hero Shot Replica and Hero Gear have graced your ears. Achievements like these can only be unlocked if you play through the hero mode using the main characters allowed to be played in Splatoon 3. The rewards and unlocks in the Splatoon 3 Hero Mode have been discussed in this article. Without any further delay, let’s look into them:

Winning the Game
The game’s final boss is Mr. Grizz; once you get rid of him, you have completed the story mode of Splatoon 3. By doing this, you shall be given the following rewards and trinkets:

Hero mindset replica:
Brand: Cuttlegear
Default Ability: Sub Power Up
Ability slots:2

Hero Suit Replica:
Brand: Cuttlegear
Default Ability: Quick Respawn
Ability Slots: 1

Hero Shot Replica:
This is only granted to you once you finish the Hero mode. It is quite similar to the splattershot.

Memorial Stickers:
After the game is beat, it rewards you with a cute little sticker featuring Smallfry, Cap’n Cuttle and the Squid Sisters. This sticker can be collected in the lobby once you beat the game.

Unlocking After Alterna
Once you beat your game, you get a chance to get a free playable area called After Alterna. It should be accessible through the lower end of Future Utopia Island. This is like playing dark souls in a platoon, though; you have been warned. These are the rewards you get after you finish the After Alterna bonus round as well:

You get the title of Alterna and World Champion.
You get teddy band gear.
And you get an Extra Log

That is all for our Splatoon 3 guide with tips on how to unlock rewards and achievements in the Hero Mode. For more on the game, also see How to Beat Frye and How to Beat Frye.

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