Not every weapon is the same in Splatoon 3; some are more effective than others, so knowing which ones are the best is crucial to your success in the multiplayer and single-player modes. Each weapon in the game comes with its unique ability called a “Special.” A good weapon requires 150 to 200 points to charge the unique ability.


How to Unlock Weapons

To unlock weapons in Spaltoon 3, you need to raise your character weapons which, of course, is done through gathering XP. Unlocking weapons require you to gather as much XP as possible; although weapons are tied to XP, they are tied to your level. Below is the complete tier list for what we consider to be the best weapons in the game.

Tier 1 Weapons

WeaponAbilityHow to Unlock
SlosherTriple TornadoUnlocks at level 3
SplattershotUltra ShotUnlocks at level 2
N-ZAP ’85Energy StandUnlocks at level 6

Tier 2 Weapons

WeaponAbilityHow to Unlock
Hydra SplatlingBooyah BombUnlocks at level 20
.52 GalMegaphone Laser 5.1chUnlocks at level 11
Tri-SlosherJet PackUnlocks at level 10

Tier 3 Weapons

WeaponAbilityHow to Unlock
Splattershot Jr.Shark RidesDefault
Tri-StringerMegaphone Laser 5.1chn/a
Dark Tetra DualiesGreat BarrierUnlocks at level 17

Best Weapons for Beginners

We have covered plenty of beginner’s tips in our beginner’s guide, but one thing we didn’t go into detail about is the best weapons to start with. What weapons are right for you depends on your skill level and whether you played previous Splatoon titles. However, some general recommendations should work for everyone. So here’s a list of the best weapons for beginners.


The most basic yet effective weapon with high performance is Splattershot Jr. It’s great for painting but also does an excellent job shooting targets. However, it should still only be used for painting or repainting an opponent’s ink rather than combat. Gear can be used to boost the weapon’s efficiency further.

Splattershot Jr.

The Splattershot Sr. is highly effective for those looking to kill enemies quicker. You can kill an enemy with only three shots if your aim is good. Moreover, you can easily handle ink and paint the map using the Splattershot, which makes it a well-rounded weapon.

Aerospray MG

Beginners should avoid combat and go for weapons that have a high-paint performance. Hence, we recommend using the Aerospray MG. It can cover enemy ink quickly, but a high-paint performance doesn’t mean you can’t kill enemies. Once the special Shark Ride is charged for Aerospray MG, it easily one-shot enemies.


N-ZAP85 is yet another weapon with the right paint and kill balance. It is flexible, allowing you to push out a good amount of paint and kill enemies when the going gets tough. However, stay with your allies while using this weapon and mainly focus on painting for the most part.