In the intricate web of narratives within the Marvel universe, Spider-Man holds a pivotal role, with a supporting cast that fans have grown to cherish. Among these beloved characters, Aunt May stands out as a beacon of unwavering support and maternal love for Peter Parker. However, players navigating the thrilling sequel, Spider-Man 2, will notice her conspicuous absence, leading many to wonder about her fate following the events of the first game.


Aunt May’s significance in Peter Parker’s life cannot be overstated. More than just a guardian, she’s his moral compass, often steering him through life’s tumultuous challenges both as a young man and a masked hero. Her warmth extends beyond her home, touching the lives of many through her work at F.E.A.S.T. shelters.

What Happened To May In Marvel’s Spider Man

In “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” the city of New York plunges into chaos when Otto Octavius, known as Doctor Octopus, unleashes a bioweapon called Devil’s Breath. This deadly pathogen ravages the city, leaving many, including Aunt May, critically ill. In the game’s climax, a heartrending decision rests on Spider-Man’s shoulders: use the scarce antidote to save Aunt May or reserve it for developing a mass cure to save the city.

Aunt May’s strength shines in her final moments, as she reveals her awareness of Peter’s double life. She offers him not just understanding but encouragement, insisting he save the city over her. This poignant scene marks the end of Aunt May’s journey, her passing a heroic sacrifice for the greater good.

Post her demise, players can visit a touching tribute to this stalwart character at the cemetery in Harlem, where Aunt May rests beside Uncle Ben. It’s a quiet place of reflection, honoring the profound impact she had on Peter’s life and the Spider-Man saga.

While Aunt May’s physical presence is absent in “Spider-Man 2,” her spirit is indelible. Her teachings, love, and sacrifice continue to influence Peter, shaping his decisions and his path as Spider-Man. In a universe brimming with super-powered beings, Aunt May’s humanity and bravery remain one of its most powerful stories.

Where To Find May’s Grave In Marvel’s Spider Man 2

aunt may grave location in Spider man 2
Here’s where you can find Aunty May’s Grave.

In “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” players have the opportunity to pay respects to Peter Parker’s Aunt May by visiting her grave. This action contributes to unlocking the “You Know What to Do” trophy. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find Aunt May’s grave in the game:

Aunt May’s grave is situated in Harlem, in the northwest corner of the New York City map within the game. Specifically, the grave is not marked on the map, making it a bit of a challenge for players to locate. However, it’s found in a large cemetery in Harlem, a significant distance across the East River from Queens, where Peter Parker (Spider-Man) lives.

To find the cemetery, players should navigate to the northwest part of the map in the Harlem district. Look for a large patch of land devoid of buildings, which is the cemetery. Upon arrival, players will need to explore the middle of the graveyard.

Aunt May Grave location marked on the map of Spider Man 2.

Within the cemetery, there are two interactable headstones. The first one is for Jefferson Davis, Miles Morales’ father. The second headstone, which is the target, is for Aunt May and Uncle Ben. It’s located to the east and up the hill from Jefferson Davis’ headstone, essentially in the center of the explorable area of the cemetery. Players need to interact with this headstone to unlock the “You Know What to Do” trophy.


  • Players must be controlling Peter Parker when they interact with the headstone to unlock the trophy. While Miles Morales can also visit the grave and will say something heartfelt, the trophy is specifically tied to Peter’s interaction.
  • Besides Aunt May’s grave, players can also interact with Jefferson Davis’ grave, located slightly to the west in the same cemetery. While interacting with this grave doesn’t contribute to any trophy, it does trigger a short, emotional cut-scene.

After finding Aunt May’s grave, players will need to approach it and follow the prompt to pay respects. This is typically done by pressing a specific button that appears on the screen when near the grave. Successfully doing so unlocks the “You Know What to Do” trophy.