The highly awaited Spider-Man Miles Morales is now released on PlayStation 5 and just like its PS4 successor, Spider-Man Miles Morales comes with a complete skill tree. In fact, Spider-Man Miles Morales has three skill trees each will different abilities for you to unlock to customize your character. In this guide, we will focus on explaining the Venom Skill tree found in Spider-Man Miles Morales. We will also tell you what are the best skills for Spider-Man Miles Morales.


Spider-Man Miles Morales has a completely new range of skills compared to Peter Parker’s Innovator, Defender, and Webslinger skill trees. You can also spend time on challenge missions to unlock Challenge Skills in Miles Morales.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Venom Skills

There are 8 Venom Skills you can unlock in Spider-Man Miles Morales. You can unlock pretty much all skills by the time you complete the main story but keep in mind that playing the main mission alone won’t yield enough skill points to unlock the best skills by the end of it all. Do as many side activities in Spider-Man Miles Morales to unlock the best skills.

Skill Level Requirement Cost Description
Venom Smash 1 1
Press L1 + Square + Cross to perform a Venom Smash that will damage and Venom Stun surrounding enemies
Venom Jump 3 1
Pressing L1 + Cross launches nearby enemies into the air, disarming and Venom Stunning them.
Synaptic Breakdown 4 1 Doubles the length of time enemies are Venom Stunned.
Floodgate 5 1
Increases the range of Venom Punch splash damage, which allows more enemies to be Venom Stunned on impact.
Miles Smash! 9 1 Increases Venom Smash’s area of effect.
Venom Rocket 16 1
Off The Wall attacks cause Venom Stun on impact. This can happen only once every 5 seconds.
Venom Dash Launcher 11 1 Press Cross when landing on an enemy during Venom Dash to perform a free Venom Jump, launching enemies into the air.
Bio-Electric Instincts New Game+ N/A Mega Venom Blast automatically triggers before a fatal hit at no cost. Can happen only once per combat encounter.

Best Venom Skills for Spider-Man Miles Morales

While all of the Venom skills look amazing and have great effects. There is only a handle full that we consider the best Venom skills and should be unlocked first. As a Spider-Man Miles Morales player, you should get the Venom Smash, Miles Smash, and Floodgate.


And that’s all the side Venom Skills in Spider-Man Miles Morales. If you need more help with the game check out the Spider-Man Miles Morales Wiki.


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