Spider-Man Miles Morales brings the skill tree to the mix just like Spider-Man PS4. In fact, there are three different skills trees in Spider-Man Miles Morales and each tree features a different set of skills to help you customize your web-slinger. As you progress you will earn skill points to unlock skills from the tree in Spider-Man Miles Morales. In this guide, we will cover the combat skill tree and tell you all about the best skills in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Combat Skills – Best Combat Skills To Get First

Skills and abilities inside the combat skill tree allow you to customize and upgrade the flow of combat in Spider-Man Miles Morales. Some combat skills allow you to increase venom damage while others help additional finishers to be banked.

Energy Syphon – Level 3
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Increase the rate of Bio-Electric Power generation from dodging and attack to raise the Venom bar.

Web Yank Opportunist – Level 4
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Perform a venom yank attack after sending an enemy in the air from a melee combo or venom attack.

In For a Shock – Level 5
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Deal 50% more damage to venom stunned enemies.

Spread the Love – Level 6
Cost: 1 Skills Point

Venom stunned enemies, when thrown into other enemies, will transfer their stunned effect.

Trained Technique – Level 8
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Let’s you bank a second finisher. Reduces the Combo requirement for the second finisher to 10. You can defeat special enemies with two finishers.

Gunslinger – Level 10
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Allows you to yank and throw guns imbued with Bio-Electric Power. Such guns will explode on impact, venom stun enemies, and knocking them down.

Final Countdown – Level 15
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Finishers generate 40% of a Venom bar.

Let’s Go! – New Game+
Cost: 1 Skill Point

Bank a third finisher.

Best Combat Skills To Get

While pretty much all skills will be unlocked soon enough, there are some skills that you should get first. Unlock the ones that help you in combat the most once you raise your level. The following are what we think are the best skills in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

  • Trained Technique
  • Final Countdown
  • Spread the Love
  • In for a Shock

And that’s all we have on the best combat skills in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. You can visit our Spider-Man: Miles Morales Wiki for more.

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