Spider-Man Miles Morales comes with three skill trees just its PS4 parent title set around Peter Parker. Spider-Man Miles Morales allows players to mix and match skills from Venom, Combat, and Camouflage skill paths. In this guide, we will go through all camouflage skills available in Spider-Man Miles Morales. You will also find suggestions for what we think are the best Camouflage Skills in Spider-Man Miles Morales.


Spider-Man Miles Morales Camouflage Skills

Skills are unlocked via Skills Points. You can earn Skill Points by completing main missions but to unlock all three skills trees you must complete a lot of side activities in Spider-Man Miles Morales. Apart from the skill tree, you can follow the challenge missions to unlock 9 available challenge skills in the new Spider-Man game.

Skills Level Requirement Cost Description
Concealed Presence 7 1 Camouflage Energy refills 20% faster.
Measured Response 7 1 Attacking while Camouflaged costs less Camouflage Energy.
Unseen Strike 8 1
When defeating an enemy with Venom attacks, the final blow doesn’t cost Camouflage Energy.
Never See It Coming 11 1 Venom Punch does bonus damage when used while Camouflaged.
Patient Spider 12 1
Increases the maximum amount of Camouflage Energy, allowing you to remain invisible longer.
Web Cocoon Bomb 13 1
Hold L1 + R1 to yank down stealth cocooned enemies, causing them to impact the ground and web up nearby enemies.
Blinding Light 14 1
Press L3 + R3 while Camouflaged to trigger a blinding flash of light that reveals you and stuns surrounding enemies.
Unseen Force New Game+ N/A
While Camouflaged, the Combo counter no longer resets, and a bonus Combo point is generated per attack.

Best Camoflague Skills For Spider-Man Miles Morales

All available Camoflague Skills are awesome but there are a few that are absolutely the best. We suggest that you go with Concealed Presence, Measured Response, Never See It Coming, and Patient Spider as they are the best Camoflague Skills in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

And that’s there is to the best Camoflague Skills guide. If you need more assistance see our Spider-Man Miles Morales Wiki.



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