“Where to Find Big Apple Baller Stadium in Spider-Man 2” is a topic of interest for many players of the popular game. The stadium is a significant location within the game, and finding it is part of achieving certain objectives and trophies. Here’s a comprehensive guide covering all aspects related to the Big Apple Baller Stadium in Spider-Man 2, based on information from various sources.


The Big Apple Baller Stadium is a prominent location in the open world of Spider-Man 2. Despite its size, it can be somewhat hidden, especially for players not familiar with its expected location. The stadium is crucial for players looking to earn specific trophies, particularly the “Home Run!” trophy, contributing to the game’s overall completion and achievement system.

Big Apple Baller Stadium Location

The Big Apple Baller Stadium is situated in the Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood within the game’s version of New York City. It’s not just any recreational field; it’s a significant one tied to in-game achievements.

  • Specific Directions: To locate the stadium, players need to head to the southeast corner of the Downtown Brooklyn area. The key landmark to look out for is a large Ferris wheel and amusement park, indicative of Coney Island’s presence in the game. Just past this amusement park, at the very edge of the island, players will come across the stadium.
  • Visual Indicators: The stadium has “Big Apple Ballers” clearly emblazoned on the field, confirming players have reached the right location.
Big Apple Baller Stadium Location
Here’s where you can find Big Apple Baller Stadium.
Big Apple Baller Stadium Location
Here the stadium location on the map (zoomed out).

The “Home Run!” Trophy

One of the main reasons players seek out the Big Apple Baller Stadium is to earn the “Home Run!” trophy, a task that requires a specific action sequence within the stadium itself.

  • How to Achieve: Once players find the stadium, they must position themselves at the home plate on the field. From there, they follow the white line to the right, leading to first base. Players then continue in the sequence, touching second and third base, before heading back to the home plate.
  • Completion: Successfully running this square and returning to the home plate will unlock the “Home Run!” trophy for the player.

Additional Context

  • Surrounding Area: The stadium’s proximity to Coney Island, an amusement park, and its location at the edge of the island makes it a unique find. The area contributes to the lively atmosphere and detailed world-building present in Spider-Man 2, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • In-Game Interaction: Beyond just locating the stadium, the game encourages interaction, such as the sequence required to achieve the “Home Run!” trophy. These interactive elements add layers to gameplay, making exploration and engagement with the game environment more rewarding.