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Spider-Man 2: Only 10% Of Venom Voice Actor’s Lines Used


Spider-Man 2 has seen incredible success, with more than five million copies sold already. If you have played the game and wondered why Venom’s appearance was so short, you are not the only one. Spider-Man 2 Venom’s voice actor Tony Todd has confirmed that most of the lines that he recorded were not used.

Venom Voice Actor Confirms Most Recordings Not Used

During the Fan Expo panel in San Francisco for Marvel Spider-Man 2, Tony Todd mentioned that only 10% of his recorded lines were used in the game. It is possible that some intended content or scenes from the game were scrapped or that these will be used for an upcoming DLC. What plans Insomniac has for these lines is yet to be seen, and anyone guesses.

The previous game did get DLC, and that is what fans are hoping to be true for Spider-Man 2 as well. That could be where the rest of the recorded lines will be used. But nothing is for sure.

Whether or not you see any more of Venom, you will see more of Miles Morales since Insomniac has confirmed that he will be the main Spider-Man moving forward.

Let us know what you think about only 10% of Venom voice actor’s recorded lines being part of Spider-Man 2 and whether or not you would be interested in DLC for the game. If you are interested in learning about the game, then you can check out our guide on how you can beat Scream.

Source: Evan Filarca

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