In the “New Threads” mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players are tasked with a unique challenge: solving a piano puzzle to access a secret laboratory. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to help you navigate this intriguing segment of the game.


During this mission, Peter Parker needs to uncover a hidden path that leads to a clandestine lab. However, the game throws a curveball by requiring a password, which isn’t provided outright, leaving players to figure it out themselves.

How To Solve Piano Puzzle In New Threads Mission

The key to solving the puzzle lies in a broken children’s piano located in the previous room. This isn’t just any ordinary piano; it’s equipped with large buttons that, when pressed, play musical notes. Specifically, pressing the red barn button triggers the melody of the well-known nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

Spider Man 2 Piano Tiles Puzzle Solution.

Here’s the sequence you need to input to solve the piano puzzle:

  1. Purple tile (four dots)
  2. Purple tile (four dots)
  3. Purple tile (four dots)
  4. Purple tile (one dot)

While the piano toy is capable of playing a more extended sequence (Purple, Purple, Purple, Green, Blue, Blue, Green), you only need the first four notes to crack the code.

For those who take the time to explore Dr. Connor’s house before this, it’s evident how much he cherishes his family. This context makes his choice of using his child’s favorite melody as a security passcode a touching detail.

After entering the correct sequence, a previously concealed staircase is revealed, leading down to the secret laboratory. This area is safe from enemies, so players can explore without the threat of combat.

In a twist of events, players learn through camera recordings that Dr. Connor had been in the lab just thirty minutes prior, attempting to detoxify himself. However, due to Kraven’s interference with an altered serum, Dr. Connor transforms into the Lizard.