In Spider-Man 2, players are introduced to an array of exciting abilities, one of which is the Reverse Flux. This unique power is not just a flashy addition to Miles’ skill set but a crucial component in certain combat scenarios, particularly when playing as Miles Morales.


The process of getting the Reverse Flux is as dramatic as its effects. During the “No Escape” main mission, players navigate a perilous dungeon, eventually finding themselves in a makeshift arena for a deathmatch against Martin Li.

This boss doesn’t falter easily, requiring several rounds of intense combat before succumbing. However, it’s within the heat of this battle, amidst the negative realm where Miles confronts his deepest fears and insecurities, that the Reverse Flux is unlocked in Spider Man 2 for Miles Morales.

The Reverse Flux isn’t just an attack but a strategic combat maneuver. This area-of-effect ability has a dual function: it pulls in nearby enemies before forcefully pushing them away. While it may not be the most potent attack in Miles’ repertoire, its true value shines through when used tactically. For instance, combining it with Venom Smash creates a devastating combo that can significantly shift the battle in Miles’ favor.

For trophy enthusiasts, the Reverse Flux also plays a role in achieving the “Overdrive” trophy. To unlock this, players must use the ability to pull in six or more enemies simultaneously. This task might sound straightforward, but it requires precise timing and positioning to ensure enough adversaries are within range.

Reverse Flux Ability And How It Works

  • Area of Effect Attack: Reverse Flux is described as an area-of-effect (AoE) attack. This implies that it affects a specified area rather than targeting individual enemies​​.
  • Pulling and Pushing Mechanism: The core function of Reverse Flux is to pull nearby enemies towards Miles and then push them away​​. This mechanism can help to gather enemies in one spot, possibly making it easier to deal with them collectively.
  • Evolved Venom Energy Pulse: When utilizing Reverse Flux, Miles releases a burst of Evolved Venom energy pulse that pulls enemies towards him​​. This energy pulse is likely what facilitates the pulling and pushing action of the ability.
  • Control Input: To activate Reverse Flux, players need to input L1 + Circle on their controllers​​.
  • Not the Strongest, but Useful: Reverse Flux is mentioned not to be the strongest ability in Miles’ arsenal, but it’s noted to be very useful, especially when dealing with multiple enemies​.
  • Contrast to Thunder Burst: Reverse Flux is contrasted with another ability called Thunder Burst; while Thunder Burst is about reaching targets, Reverse Flux operates in the opposite direction by pulling enemies in​.