Kraven might be the one hunting you down in Spider-Man 2, but Venom is the final boss that you need to beat. Venom is a tricky opponent to deal with, so I am not surprised that you are here. In this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 guide, I go over some tips and tricks on how you can beat Venom.


How To Beat Venom In Spider-Man 2

Since Venom is the big bad final boss in Spider-Man 2, the final showdown has five different phases. Here is a breakdown of the different Venom boss fight phases in Spider-Man 2.

Phase #1

  • Activate the machines: On each platform of the stadium, you will find a machine that emits high-frequency sounds that Venom is vulnerable to. Activate these, and you will get a window to land a few blows.
  • Attack patterns: Venom uses three-hit combos, which you can dodge or parry. Parrying is important, and we have tips on how you can perfect it. Venom also has an unblockable attack where he uses his tentacle to grab you. You will get a blue circle around Venom’s head when he is about to use it. Dodge out of the way, or you will get seriously wounded.
  • Ground AoE Attack: Every time you take off a quarter of Venom’s health bar, he will head to the center of the boss arena and infect the ground with his tentacles. When this happens, you need to jump to high ground using L2+R2.

Phase #2

  • Eliminate Symbiote minions: During this phase, Venom can summon Symbiote minions to help him. You need to deal with them first, or you will be overwhelmed.
  • Use Anti-Symbiote skills: If you see Venom’s health bar covered in a sort of shield, you need to remove it by using Anti-Symbiote skills. Once the shield is removed, you can damage the boss as you normally would.

Phase #3

  • Throw the rock back: During this phase of the fight, you will control Miles Morales. Venom will be in the air for most of the fight and will shoot projectiles at you. He will even throw a large rock at you, which you can throw back by pressing L1+R1.
  • Dealing damage: Once Venom is stunned, you can get close and deal damage as you normally would. Once you chip away a third of Venom’s health bar, you can fight him like the previous phases. Venom will go back into the air once you deal enough damage, so you will need to rinse and repeat.

Phase #4

  • Symbiote tendrils: As the fight continues, Venom will use attacks from the previous phases but will also use a Symbiote tendrils attack. You can dodge this by heading to higher ground or getting on top of a tall object.
  • Use the glowing canisters: You will find three glowing canisters wrapped in tentacles in the boss arena. You can throw these at Venom to stun him.
  • Dodge projectiles and tentacles: Once Venom’s HP is reduced to half, he will use projectiles and tentacles that you need to dodge. You can use your abilities to stun him.

Phase #5

Quick-time events: During this phase, you need to complete a series of quick-time events. You will need to spam Square or L1+Square.

This is what you need to know about beating Venom, the final boss in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. If you want to learn more about the game, then you can check out our guide on how you can take a selfie.