In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, trophy hunters and completionists have a thrilling task ahead with the Hang Ten trophy. This particular achievement challenges players to execute 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground. While it might sound straightforward at first, achieving this feat requires a bit of finesse and understanding of Spider-Man’s aerial abilities. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Hang Ten trophy and add it to your collection.


The Hang Ten is a Bronze trophy, contributing to your overall game completion and trophy collection. The primary requirement is to perform 30 Air Tricks successively without any interruptions, meaning you can’t land or collide with buildings.

How To Get Started With Hang Ten Trophy

  1. Start High: Begin your aerial acrobatics from a significant height. This could be one of New York City’s tallest skyscrapers or any high vantage point. The more air-time you have, the more room you get to perform your tricks.
  2. Know Your Tricks: Familiarize yourself with the various Air Tricks in Spider-Man’s arsenal. Practice each one and understand how they’re executed. The last thing you want is to fumble with controls while mid-air.

Note: You can swing between tricks and it won’t affect your progress. Also make sure to find Rare Tech Parts to upgrade your suits to further expand Peter and Miles’ swinging abilities.

Unlocking Hang Ten Trophy In Spider Man 2

Start chaining your Air Tricks. Be mindful of Spider-Man’s altitude; the longer the chain, the closer you get to the ground. Use web swings or zip-to-point to maintain your height. If you feel you’re losing altitude, a well-timed swing can give you the necessary lift without breaking the trick sequence.

Keep a mental count, or better yet, let the thrill of the moment guide you. You’ll find a rhythm as you go along, and before you know it, you’ll hit that magic number 30.

Once you’ve successfully completed 30 Air Tricks in a row, the Hang Ten trophy will pop on your screen, marking your fantastic achievement.

Pro Tip: Don’t rush. Find the flow and rhythm in Spider-Man’s movements. The city is your playground, and the sky’s the limit—quite literally! If you’re struggling, don’t be disheartened. Practice makes perfect. The more you familiarize yourself with Spider-Man’s aerial dynamics, the easier it’ll get.