In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the Grand Finale mission is a thrilling conclusion that challenges players to confront the illusions and tricks of the notorious Mysterio. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Grand Finale mission, helping players navigate the mystifying scenarios and ultimately earn the coveted “Behind the Masks” trophy.


How To Complete Grand Finale In Spider Man 2

After finding all 9 Mysteriums present on your map, Mysterio extends an invitation back to Coney Island. Swing back there and proceed inside the original attraction. Follow the entrance corridor leading to the main room with the console, where Mysterio awaits.

Grand Finale Mysterium Location.

Mysterio uses his powers to shrink Miles down to a size small enough to fit inside a snow globe. Here, you must battle and defeat all enemies that spawn within this confined space. Post the snow globe encounter, you’ll engage in a chase with Mysterio within an upside-down rendition of the open world. Press Triangle to catch up to him, and you’ll find yourself teleported back into the snow globe for a face-off with Mysterio.

After the chase, it’s time to defeat Mysterio within the snow globe. Upon Mysterio’s defeat, you’ll find yourself back at the entrance corridor, seemingly stuck in an endless forward loop. The trick? Turn around, and you’ll instantly find your way out.

Exiting the corridor doesn’t spell the end, as you’ll have to contend with multiple versions of Mysterio. Defeat them all to make your way back to reality. Once back in the real world, use a Chain Lightning attack on the panel in front of you to conclude the mission.


  • 2,000 XP: A hefty experience boost to help with further skill progression.
  • Smoke and Mirrors Suit: A unique suit that’s both a trophy of your victory and a stylish outfit with its own perks.
  • 4 Hero Tokens: Currency that can be used to unlock various upgrades and suits.
  • 500 Tech Parts: Essential for crafting and upgrading gadgets and suits.