“Under Construction Mysterium” is one of the 10 Mysteriums in Spider-Man 2 that presents a real challenge in earning a gold medal. This task requires players to defeat 20 enemies in less than 60 seconds, a feat that demands strategic use of Miles’ abilities and gadgets. Here’s a guide on how to get gold in this Mysterium.

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How To Get Gold In Under Construction Mysterium

Start by using gadgets like Sonic Bursts to your advantage. These can knock enemies over the edge or into one another, helping to thin the crowd quickly. Hold off on using your Venom Blast until the second phase of the fight. It’s more effective when used against a larger group of enemies, so patience here is key.

After defeating at least 10 enemies, you’ll be transported to a room with a Mysterio quote. Once Miles reads the quote, you’ll return to the arena to face another 10 enemies, this time with around 30 seconds on the clock.

This is the time to use all your abilities. Chain Lightning and Thunder Burst are particularly effective here. If you’ve accumulated enough upgrades, you can even double up on some moves for maximum impact.

Here’s a video guide by WoW Quests to help you get Gold in Under Construction.

Focus first on the enemies on the edge platforms before moving to the center. This strategy helps manage the crowd and keeps you from being overwhelmed. When you’re down to the last few enemies, use the Mega Venom Blast. Its large area of effect (AOE) will vaporize anyone left on the middle platform, securing your victory.

While tempting, avoid using finishers or your Venom Blast early for more focus charges. Finishers consume precious time, and in a challenge where every second counts, they’re not a practical choice.

Your goal should be to dish out as much AOE damage as possible or knock enemies over the edge. This approach is the most time-efficient. If you’re unsure about which abilities to prioritize, consider referring to guides on the best skills to acquire early in Spider-Man 2. The right skills can make a significant difference in challenges like this.

Remember, earning gold in “Under Construction Mysterium” may require a few attempts and a good understanding of Miles’ abilities and potential.